Drug Rehab Connecticut

Connecticut is among the top 10 states with the most opioid-related overdose deaths in the nation. Connecticut drug overdose deaths tripled between 2012 and 2017, with 2018 seeing over 1,000 such deaths. Many were multi-drug overdoses, where users mix a number of different dangerous substances. This often involves combining heroin or prescription painkillers with stimulants. These include cocaine, benzodiazepines like Xanax, or other drugs like synthetic marijuana. Connecticut drug rehab offers high therapies to help combat this issue.

Fentanyl and Opioid Use to Blame for Deadly Overdoses

Reflecting trends in many other states, Connecticut has seen fentanyl use grow more common in such overdoses, while deaths from heroin have decreased. Whether consumed alone or paired with other substances, knowingly or not, opioids were involved in 93 percent of deadly overdoses in Connecticut the last year. Connecticut has also struggled with dangerous designer drugs, leading to a 2018 incident in which over 90 people overdosed on K2, or synthetic marijuana, in New Haven.

In recent years, Connecticut has made strides in expanding access to addiction and substance abuse treatment. These include a 2016 initiative to get more families access to addiction treatment, 2018’s “Change the Script” initiative, federal grants to help coordinate substance abuse and mental health services, and many more state-wide and local efforts that aim to increase public awareness, give drug users easier access to help, and increase the availability of more forms of treatment.

CT Has Limited Access to Drug Treatment

Despite these gains, however, problems persist when it comes to treatment accessibility. Many feel that the state lacks drug use prevention services, as well as a sufficient number of beds for detox services – services that were the target of budget cuts as recently as 2017.

Lack of Mental Health Resources

Finding mental health care can also be difficult in Connecticut, especially for adolescents who are often susceptible to drug use. Women and minorities, especially those who experience poverty, also lack access to mental health services which are integral to treating addiction and co-occurring mental disorders that enable it. Despite advances in improving access to treatment, many still have great difficulty in getting help when they need it.

Timely care is crucial for addiction, with much better results in those who seek care earlier on rather than letting an addiction fester over time. Connecticut families and friends of substance abusers should consider out-of-state drug rehab treatment if they experience difficulty in getting care, or if the user’s current environment is a contributing factor to their drug abuse. Getting them away from such negative influences, whether peer pressure from other substance abusers or stressful work or home environments, is crucial to sustained recovery. Out-of-state care in a nearby state can accomplish this, while also remaining accessible to family members and other loved ones.

Granite Recovery Centers in New Hampshire takes a unique 12-step based approach to drug rehab. Our approach incorporates the 12 Steps from the first day of treatment, along with clinical psychotherapy and numerous proven treatment modalities to treat substance abuse, co-occurring mental disorders, and their root causes. Offering a full spectrum of care including drug detoxificationinpatient rehabextended caresober living and outpatient programs, we will work with your loved one to identify and attack their unique challenges with substance abuse, develop a recovery plan, and cultivate the skills and attitudes necessary for sustained recovery.

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Why Connecticut Residents Choose GRC

  • Only 3 hours from Hartford (still in New England)
  • Mountain and lake panoramic views
  • Close for family visits
  • Full continuum of care
  • 12-step integrated with clinical modalities
  • Alumni-supported

Directions from Hartford

Green Mountain Treatment Center is located in Effingham, NH and is the premier inpatient drug rehab in New England, commutable from most points including Connecticut. Our residential rehab and detox center provides a mountainside respite from the city, while still conveniently accessible by car ride (approximately 3.5 hours).

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New Freedom Academy (Canterbury, N.H.) provides another option for inpatient drug rehabilitation (but on a smaller scale) in the mountains of bucolic New Hampshire, and is also only approximately 2.5 hours from many Connecticut points.

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If you have questions about our drug rehabilitation centers near Connecticut, please reach out at 855.712.7784. We can help.