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Queen City Sober Living

One Day At a Time with Structure and Support

Queen City Sober Living offers two sober living homes in Manchester, NH; Queen City Sober Living North and Queen City Sober Living South, both centrally-located in the heart of the city. Our transitional sober living homes are 12-step-integrated and provide a safe, sober, peer-supported environment for men 18 years and older in early recovery. We also provide sober living homes for women at Vision House East and West.

When clients discharge from extended care or primary residential treatment, they often aren’t ready for full immersion back into the “real world.” They often need a support system to anchor them while working on recovery and integrating back into in society. Queen City Sober Living provides peer support and reinforcement of the core principles of 12-Step work, accountability, and community to help clients remain clean and sober while pursuing a full recovery.

Rules and Requirements

Residents are required to attend weekly mandatory meetings, continue working the 12 Steps, practice accountability, and also develop life skills. More specifically, residents of Queen City Sober Living are required to adhere to the following:

  • Do not use drug or alcohol
  • Full adherence to the house’s Resident Code of Conduct
  • Can request vehicle use after first week
  • Weekly 12-Step meetings
  • Gainful full-time employment within one month of residency
  • Weekly house accountability group meetings
  • House chores
  • Regular and random drug testing
  • Non-fraternization with any persons using drugs or alcohol
  • Open respect for staff and peer resident feedback
  • Obtain a 12-Step sponsor (1 year sober) within one week of residency
  • Obtain a 12-Step home group and one service position within one week of residency

Key Tenets of Sober Our Living Program

The core principles of structured sober living at Queen City Sober Living are 12-Step study, personal accountability, and strong peer support. By working the 12 Steps, being accountable always, and supporting one another, residents can better transition to a fully independent life of enduring recovery.

12 Steps and a Design for Sober Living

Residents of Queen City Sober Living have a requirement to initiate and continue 12-Steps study for the duration of their residency. Granite Recovery Centers’ mission is to provide clients with skills required to develop a fresh new design for living in recovery. The 12-Steps are central to that mission. Clients at Queen City Sober Living are required to obtain a 12-Step sponsor who has been sober for at least one year and has completed a 12-Step curriculum. This ensures that the client will receive the support they need and answers for the questions and concerns that are likely to arise during early recovery. Lastly, residents must become a member of a 12-Step “home group” and contribute to that group in a meaningful way.


Personal accountability is a critical element of successful long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol. Becoming aware of how one’s actions create reactions is integral to progressing successfully through the 12-Steps. Accountability skills are developed at Queen City Sober Living though in-house peer accountability meetings, where each client must “check-in” and present their accountability progress through discussions involving employment, house behavior, and Step work.

Peer Support/Community/Alumni Support

One of the most powerful and rewarding aspects of sober living at Queen City Sober Living is our focus on peer support. In this setting, clients learn from one another, lean on one another, and grow together in profound ways. As clients in residence reach the 12th Step of A.A., they begin turning around and helping others who have just begun the recovery journey.

Features of Queen City Sober Living:

  • Structured sober living
  • 12-Step-centered
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Resident Code of Conduct
  • Participation in 12-Step Big Book meetings
  • Peer-counseled
  • Life skills development
  • Promote accountability
  • Meditation and holistic therapy
  • Regular, random drug testing

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