Stories of Addiction Recovery: Brianna

In this edition of Stories of Addiction Recovery, Brianna opens up about her experience as a highly functioning alcoholic, and how she got her life back through treatment and sobriety. Brianna: I didn’t know that I had a problem, because I was functional I didn’t know that I had a problem. I thought that IRead More

What is Sober Living?

In the context of recovery care, “sober living” refers to shared living facilities which are designed to promote a healthy, alcohol and drug-free lifestyle and a safe transition back to daily life. More broadly, the phrase “sober living” can encompass a healthy lifestyle and the attitudes, habits, and choices that help a person maintain sobrietyRead More

Stories of Addiction Recovery: Colin

In this week’s edition of Stories of Addiction Recovery, we speak with Colin, a young man who fought his way back from alcoholism and drug abuse. Here, he shares his story. Colin: Trying to Fill the Void If I look back at my life and I’m honest with myself, even though I was raised inRead More

South Shore Drug Task Force & the Opioid Epidemic

Here, we had the pleasure to sit down with Lt. Detective Patrick Glynn, who has a lifetime of experience in narcotics and as a police officer. Lt. Glynn talks about his history with South Shore Drug Task Force in Quincy, Massachusetts. Lieutenant Detective Patrick Flynn: I’ve been in narcotics for 25 years. I’ve been aRead More

Suboxone and Medication-Assisted Treatment

In recent years, a number of medications have been developed to treat certain substance abuse disorders in what is known as Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). While some drugs such as methamphetamine still have no effective medications that may aid in their treatment, there are now FDA-approved medications used to treat opioid or alcohol substance abuse disorders.Read More

Stories of Addiction Recovery: Josh’s Story

Josh is Operations Director at The Granite House and Queen City Sober Living, but he wasn’t always. Like many of our employees at GRC, Josh in another life struggled with his own addiction. Josh: I’m just a normal person. There’s nothing tough about me. If it wasn’t for God, and for doing the work toRead More

Is Marijuana Addictive?

As of November 2018, medical marijuana has been legalized in 33 states across the United States, with a growing number also legalizing marijuana for recreational sale and use. Because of these new laws, a national conversation is being held regarding the substance’s role in medicine, recreation, and its overall safety. Many wonder whether marijuana isRead More

How to Respond to an Overdose

While most of us are well acquainted with the opioid/opiate epidemic and the high level of morbidity associated with it–especially, with the introduction of Fentanyl–few understand how to respond to an overdose. Our own Clinician, Dan Sullivan, explains the process of assessment, Narcan administration, and life-saving. Dan Sullivan: Step 1: Overdose Assessment The first stageRead More

Stories of Addiction Recovery: Adam

Adam is a Clinician at New Freedom Academy, an inpatient drug rehab facility in Canterbury, New Hampshire. He first came to us as a patient, struggling with alcoholism. Here is his story: Adam: Growing up… I grew up in a great home with all these morals and values, but I just couldn’t live up toRead More

What You Need to Know About Fentanyl

Fentanyl is one of the most dangerous drugs involved in the ongoing opioid epidemic in the United States. Fentanyl has become very common in drug markets and is responsible for an ever increasing number of deadly overdoses. It is important to understand how fentanyl is being consumed, just how dangerous it is, and how fentanylRead More