The Link Between Childhood Anxiety and Substance Abuse

One recurring factor in people suffering from drug addiction is the presence of co-occurring mental disorders, like anxiety and depression. These kinds of conditions can worsen substance abuse in numerous ways. Addiction can serve as an unhealthy coping mechanism meant to cover up feelings of sadness, anger, or anxiety. Addiction can also contribute to–or evenRead More

Stories of Addiction Recovery: Kristina

Kristina is a recovered drug addict and Operations Manager at Green Mountain Treatment Center (one of our two NH inpatient drug rehab centers) in Effingham, N.H. Here, she talks about her own struggle to get help for her addiction, why it worked, and how it translates to her career fighting the drug epidemic. Kristina: SoRead More

The Long-Term Health Toll of Drug Abuse

The health consequences of drug abuse vary with the user, the drug in question, and how one takes a particular drug. With the vast numbers of drugs available, there are undoubtedly drugs which are far more dangerous than others when abused. However, most illicit drugs present damaging physical and mental health risks when abused overRead More

Teens and E-Cigarettes (Vaping)

The use of e-cigarettes among high school students grew by 900% between 2011 and 2015. In late 2018, the FDA began a widespread campaign to educate kids about the health risks associated with the use of e-cigarettes, often known as “vaping.” Vaping is more common in adolescents than smoking traditional cigarettes, with health officials inRead More

Stories of Addiction Recovery: Bill’s Story

Bill Statires, Recovery Support Staff at Granite Recovery Centers, shares his story of drug addiction recovery and the gifts of sobriety he encounters every day in his personal and professional life. Bill Statires:   If you wanna get better, and get sober, you gotta put the work in. Green Mountain Treatment Center, Granite House, allRead More

The Role of Spiritual Care In Drug Rehab

Recovering from substance abuse involves more than just quitting harmful substances. It often requires deep self-reflection on one’s history, decisions, behaviors, and core values. Many who suffer from addiction find it difficult to see meaning or hope in their lives, feeling like they are walking through a dark tunnel with no light at the end.Read More

Stories of Addiction Recovery: Courtney

Everyone has a story, their own version of defeat and subsequent recovery here. Courtney, Recovery Support Specialist at Green Mountain Treatment Center, talks about how she once gave up everything for her addiction, and then she gave that up to reclaim it all. Now, she gets to help others do the same.   Giving UpRead More

Drug Addiction and the Brain

Addiction is not just a simple collection of urges and behaviors. Rather, it is a full-fledged brain disorder that can adversely affect how the brain works and even how it is structured. These physical changes can make addicted individuals more prone to phenomena like cravings, erratic behaviors, depression, anxiety, and more. This is why fightingRead More

Stories of Addiction Recovery: Sarah’s Story

It’s hard enough deciding to seek treatment for a drug addiction without also having to consider leaving your children. A lot of clients do already have families that still need them, when they come to us. But, the minor absence of the present must be weighted against the lifetime you’ll be able to give them,Read More

The Role of Exercise in Drug Rehab

A lot of variables go into a successful inpatient drug rehab experience. At Green Mountain Treatment Center, we incorporate holistic wellness and body-centric therapies into our treatment to help clients get well and strong after the effects of drug addiction. Here, we talk with Jessica French, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, who explains the importance ofRead More