Drug Rehab Resolution: Why You Should Go Before 2019

The time for making resolutions, for resolving to change our lives for the better is here. If one of your resolutions this year has been to stop drinking, to stop using drugs, to make yourself well; the reasons to get better before January 1st far outweigh waiting until the New Year to do so. FirstRead More

What Inpatient Drug Rehab is Like

Making the decision to get help, to go to inpatient drug rehab, is probably one of the scariest things you or your loved one will have to do. But it is also, so very rewarding. One of the biggest questions people have has to do with what will it be like. Below, Kristina Samar, OperationsRead More

Drug Rehab: Why You Need More Than 30 Days

Common to the world of drug addiction recovery is this theme of a “30 day recovery or treatment”: 30 days spent in an inpatient drug rehab with a structured schedule, workshops, group therapies, and community support. This rehabilitative time is often marked by a curriculum, alumni partnerships, and sometimes, 12-Step work. All day, every dayRead More

Stories of Drug Addiction Recovery: Andy Young

Facing the prospect or continuation of addiction recovery can be terrifying, but a community of your peers is everything. Part of what makes Granite Recovery Centers so successful in helping people find freedom from drug addiction is our community of alumni. Our Real People in Real Recovery is no joke. Our community, our family ofRead More

The Fentanyl Crisis: What You Need to Know

Fentanyl is an incredibly potent synthetic opioid that is responsible for thousands of deaths. Fentanyl is often administrated in medical contexts, where it is used to treat chronic severe pain. When abused outside of a medical context, however, it is deadly. About

Bereavement and the Psychology of Substance Use and Addiction

Bereavement over the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult emotions one can face. Grief takes many forms, and no two stories or responses to such a profound loss are exactly the same. It can be difficult even for researchers to agree on what constitutes a “normal” grief response, much lessRead More

Her Path to Connection

“I used to think getting sober would put me in a cage, but actually it broke me out of every cage I was living in.” Mo Doyle, On the Misconceptions of Recovery. Those of you who consistently read our Granite Recovery Centers blog may be getting tired of hearing how nice the day was inRead More