What are the Most Commonly Used Opiates?

New England is considered a high-intensity drug trafficking area, according to the Department of Justice. Heroin and prescription opiate addiction is reaching epidemic proportions. If you are struggling with opiate addiction, you should consider visiting an opiate addiction rehab center in New Hampshire. For those suffering from the most commonly used opiates, the opiate addiction…

woman sitting down worried because she has depression and drug addiciton

Depression and Drug Addiction: Why the Two Go Hand in Hand

Depression and Drug Addiction: Why the Two Go Hand in Hand Mental health issues are common amongst people who struggle with drug addiction and depression, and for a good reason. When people who have a mental health issue seek treatment for substance abuse, they’re known as dual diagnosis patients. This term means that they need…

woman with fentanyl addiction signs sitting on the floor thinking about what are signs of fentanyl addiction

Fentanyl Addiction Signs

Fentanyl is a prescription opioid that commonly is abused in New Hampshire. Incidentally, this is one of the top five states with the highest rate of opioid-involved deaths. Perhaps, if people know the fentanyl addiction signs, they may try to get help sooner. Some individuals do recognize the signs but may deny the addiction or are unable to quit…