Causes of Alcoholism

Alcoholism, formally classified as Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), directly affects more than 15 million Americans to varying degrees. This figure does not include the families, friends, and loved ones of alcoholics whose lives are also impacted by AUD. Many wonder whether AUD could have been avoided, or if a person’s genetics or environment led themRead More

Stories of Addiction Recovery: Keegan

It’s not uncommon to have a five year plan, but when you have an addiction, many can’t see past the next five days–let alone through the next five years. Every second, minute, breath is consumed with where and when the next fix will be. Here, we sit with Keegan Rawlins, Recovery Case Manager and proudRead More

College Drug Abuse: Addiction on Campus

College has a reputation as a place where experimenting with alcohol and illicit substances is common. Many associate college with parties and social gatherings, where alcohol and drug abuse are the norm rather than the exception. The high-stress and demanding environment of college can also push students towards drinking or abusing stimulants or similar drugsRead More

What is Extended Care?

When a person goes into treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction, they’re faced with potentially many new terms. An effective addiction treatment model often begins with residential drug rehab and ends with an intensive outpatient program. In between, however, patients often step down to an extended care or sober living home. Extended care canRead More

How Dopamine Affects Addiction

Since addiction is widely acknowledged as a disease that affects the brain, it stands to reason that neurochemistry plays a large part in how people develop a dependence and tolerance towards a given substance. The exact mechanisms of how addiction develops are still largely unknown, but researchers are getting a clearer picture of addiction’s developmentRead More

Stories of Addiction Recovery: Keith’s Story

Rebuilding Relationships After Drug Addiction Rebuilding relationships is often an extremely difficult step in the process of drug addiction recovery. Through drug rehab treatment at Granite Recovery Centers, clients are asked to take stock of the results of their addiction. This helps them better understand why getting well is so important to their own well-being;Read More

Addiction and the Brain

Addiction is not just a simple collection of urges and behaviors. Rather, it is a full-fledged brain disorder that can adversely affect how the brain works and even how it is structured. These physical changes can make addicted individuals more prone to phenomena like cravings, erratic behaviors, depression, anxiety, and more. This is why fightingRead More

Stories of Addiction Recovery: Sam’s Story

As is true of many of our success stories here at Granite Recovery Centers, some of the amazing people that make it through recovery at our inpatient rehab programs, stay on to help others find sobriety. Meet Sam Abeling, one of our admissions specialists, one of the amazing people you’ll likely talk to when youRead More

Onset Signs and Symptoms of Overdose

Over 63,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2016, with opioids (Oxycontin, heroin, and Fentanyl) the main classification of drug responsible. Thanks to the opiate overdose antidote, Naloxone (also known as Narcan); however, drug overdoses can be prevented, if caught early enough. Knowing the signs and symptoms of drug overdose can mean the difference betweenRead More

Stories of Addiction Recovery: Alex’s Story

Alex Lincoln, Recovery Case Manager at Green Mountain Treatment Center, once struggled with a drug addiction. Today, as a proud alumni of Granite Recovery Centers, she revels in big dreams for her future. Here, she and her dad sit down with us to discuss how life has changed for them both since her treatment andRead More