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Harmony House

The Harmony House is a special place for women to go after they have attended a primary drug rehab program. Located in the private town of Wakefield, NH, the Harmony House is a sober living home, meant to act as an extension of care. Women can learn to cope with their urges and other underlying issues while still in a rehab-centric environment.

What is Sober Living?

If you are in rehab and wondering what will become of you after you leave in a short few weeks, think about entering a sober living program. In a sober living program, you have many more responsibilities and freedom when you compare it to being in rehab. In a sober living program, you are usually expected to work, go to school, or volunteer during regular work hours. You will be responsible for feeding yourself as well as getting along with your new housemates.

A sober living program can help to give women the confidence that they need in their newly found sobriety so that they can make it on their own or back home later on. It takes time to learn things and create new habits. The level of care at most rehabs is much higher than what a person would need once they have stopped using. A sober living situation gives the person in recovery longer to adjust to sobriety than if they went back to their original lives straight out of drug and alcohol rehab.

When you attend a sober living program, you will:

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  • Have more responsibility
  • Work, go to school, or volunteer
  • Follow the program rules
  • Have more freedom than you did in rehab
  • Have a chance to become comfortable with being sober


What to Expect at the Harmony House

The Harmony House is simple, yet has everything that you need to reintegrate yourself back into your old life. The house abides by 12-Step guidelines, similarly to the rehabilitation program that you came from. The home also runs on a no-tolerance policy, so if you are caught using, you will be asked to leave.

Women that stay at the house can expect to work on:

You can also expect:

During your stay at the Harmony House, you will continue to make psycho-therapeutic assessments with the help of the 12-steps. Group meetings and workshops will help to facilitate this. You will be able to work on your long-term life skills by learning to live a sober life in an environment where you are unsupervised. People often find sober living programs to be the jumping board to the rest of their lives.

A sober living program takes the guesswork out of what steps you should take after you graduate from rehab. Taking advantage of the sober living program will allow you the time that you need to adjust and make important decisions.

The Harmony House offers yoga and meditation groups along with spiritual development so that you can continue to grow as a complete and sober individual. Being at a sober house can also help you to get a better handle on your recovery before you go right back into independent living.


Contact the Harmony House

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