The Granite House

The Granite House

Residential Treatment in Charming Derry, NH

Located in the heart of Derry, New Hampshire, The Granite House is a residential drug rehab facility for men and women ages 18 years and older. Situated in Rockingham County, TGH is convenient to get to from both Manchester and Boston.

Granite House


Residential Primary Drug Rehab Program

The Granite House utilizes a 12-Step curriculum tightly integrated into evidence-based clinical therapies.

We believe that in order to move on to a fulfilling life of enduring recovery, one needs to remove more than just the substance use. The underlying root causes of the addiction must be examined closely and treated in a clinical setting. The deep and introspective work done by working the 12-Steps and the emotional healing that it results in, combined with clinical psychotherapies, provide a solid foundation on which clients can build a lasting recovery.

Individualized Treatment Plans

The Granite House’s drug rehabilitation team is comprised of Master’s-level and licensed clinicians, dedicated case managers, experienced 12-Step facilitators, as well as administrative support staff. This team works in concert to create and implement an individualized treatment plan that meets each client’s individual needs.

Client-to-Client Program

Entering drug rehab is a challenge for any individual. Even if a client has been through rehab before and has a basic knowledge of what to expect, they aren’t yet familiar with The Granite House. To create a “soft landing,” we pair each client with other clients further along in the treatment process to help them feel welcomed while they acclimate to the Granite House treatment community. As the new clients progress through the program, each will also be assigned a newer client to mentor along.

A 12-Step-Centered Curriculum

Long term recovery from drugs or alcohol addiction requires a comprehensive life change and a “daily design for living”. This is why Granite Recovery Centers incorporates a comprehensive and deeply engaging 12-Step curriculum into every stage of addiction treatment. From inpatient to outpatient drug rehab programming, clients discover who they are in relation to their addiction, come face to face with the roots of their substance use, and learn to repurpose their lives and recharge their once unreachable potential.

Clinical Modalities

The 12-Steps of A.A. provides a methodical approach to facing down addiction. We seek out its root causes and triggers, and also making amends for past wrongs. These are critical first steps toward getting well. Integrating evidence-based clinical therapies with 12-Step work enables each client to properly process the pain as well as emotions that are likely to surface as a result of introspective Step work. We also believe that the one-two punch of 12-Step clinical integration gives our clients the necessary tools and a solid footing for moving forward into a life of sustained recovery.

For example, The Granite House’s Addiction Treatment Program Features:

  • Full continuum of care
  • Evidence-based clinical treatment
  • Comprehensive 12-Step curriculum
  • Treatment for co-occurring mental disorders
  • Nutritious chef-prepared meals
  • 12-Step meetings, workshops and educational programs