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Stories of Addiction Recovery: Sam’s Story

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As is true of many of our success stories here at Granite Recovery Centers, some of the amazing people that make it through recovery at our inpatient rehab programs, stay on to help others find sobriety. Meet Sam Abeling, one of our admissions specialists, one of the amazing people you’ll likely talk to when you call.

Here’s Sam’s story:

I’m from Burlington, VT, but I lived out in California. I was out there trying to get sober for like ten months… which failed. My addiction got so bad in California, really bad. I got kicked out of sober livings, witnessed an overdose; traumatizing stuff.

I tried everything…

But I needed that to get here. I was at a different place where everything else had failed. They say try other methods. I tried practically everything. I didn’t try suboxone and methadone or maintenance programs. Instead, I tried to get sober on my own.

None of it worked

I tried alcohol maintenance. I tried just smoking weed. I tried just dating that person. I tried moving here. Any combination of lifestyle factors I could think of to get and stay sober. But none of it worked.

And then, finally a solution…

And then, when I came here I was – I was broken. Granite Recovery Centers offered me a solution… and since I was ready, I took it. I was finally willing and able to listen to what they had to say.

If you want it, Granite Recovery Centers will offer it to you. No matter who the staff members are; they all do the same thing. They show you love, care, compassion. They don’t come from a spiritual high-top where they think that they’re better than you and that you can’t get this (sobriety). They are just, like, here you go.

I didn’t think being content was a possibility

Diving into yourself is hard, but they show you how to do that here. They love you the whole way through. Now, when people call into admissions, that’s what I try my best to communicate: exactly what these people did for me. And I don’t think anybody else does what Granite Recovery Centers does. I’ve been to other places, and it’s not like this. You can’t really explain it, but there’s something that’s really different about GRC.

Recovery has been cool, I didn’t think it was possible to just be content. I didn’t think being content was a possibility. And I am content.

Watch Sam’s full video:If you or a loved one is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, we can help you get well. Everyone deserves a life of contentedness, no matter how broken. Call our admissions team at 855.712.7784 .

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