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Stories of Addiction Recovery: Alex’s Story

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Alex Lincoln, Recovery Case Manager at Green Mountain Treatment Center, once struggled with a drug addiction. Today, as a proud alumni of Granite Recovery Centers, she revels in big dreams for her future. Here, she and her dad sit down with us to discuss how life has changed for them both since her treatment and recovery.


I had put myself in a lot of situations where I was scared, throughout my using. And, I knew that if I continued on, I was gonna die. It was getting really tough, because as a family unit, we were really struggling.This place saved my life. And it continues to save my life.

The fact that I get to work here now is everything. I can look at patients and I can say, “I’ve been right where you are. And I know exactly how you feel. Here is what I did”.

I have a sense of purpose now, and it is beautiful–absolutely beautiful.

Alex’s Dad:

This place, Granite Recovery Centers, has been amazing for Alex, and for our family. Over the course of the last six years, I’ve spent a lot of time crying for fear of losing my daughter, being upset, being close to crazy.

But now, when I cry, they’re good tears, tears of joy.

It’s just so fulfilling for her, to be able to talk to somebody that is in addiction and to help them; to draw and make a plan, of how they can do the work, and how they can get sober.

Within the last year, year and a half, was this little flower that was blooming. And now she is just gonna grow. I’m just really excited about the opportunity to watch her grow, and see where she goes from here.

I just thank the good Lord every day for her, and who she is. And now she’s able to dream again and look to the future. She has dreams now.

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