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What are the 12 Steps?

They are talked about. They have an entire recovery program built around them, several in fact, beginning with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and they are simply called the “12 Steps.” They are the foundation of every 12 step recovery program NH residents have used to overcome addiction and they will help you too.

There is more to the 12 steps than reading them, and hearing about them or discussing them though. In the rooms that use this, they commonly cite the phrase “it works if you work it.” It is referred to here is the 12 step program. It isn’t about reading, hearing, or talking about the program, it is about “working” the steps.

Working a 12 Step Program

What are the 12 steps? The short answer is that they are the basis for a recovery program that is proven and effective. The long answer? They are a guide to a new life and a new way of life that is rooted in honesty, truth, and freedom. What are the 12 steps? The exact answer will be a little different for everyone, but the results are the same time after time, freedom from addiction. Recovery.

In order to understand and to be able to answer the question of what are the 12 steps, however, you have to work the program. The power of the program doesn’t come from reading them or knowing them. The power of the 12 step program comes from working the program, and as we work each step, we are changed. Like recovery though, this journey can’t be taken alone.

The Road to Recovery

A part of many drug rehab centers and sober living programs, the program lays a foundation for recovery. Not only recovery from addiction, but recovery from the character defects that led to your addiction. What are the 12 steps? They are the tools you’ll need to free yourself from the grips of addiction along the road to recovery.

The road of recovery will also demand that you have help and support. As a part of a good drug rehab center, for example, clients will be involved in individual counseling and 12 step programs. They will learn to build a network and support group. They will discover that they no longer have to walk alone.

Discover the 12 Steps and the Road to Your Recovery

If addiction is a disease and it is, then the 12 steps are the remedy to that disease. The big key here is, like any medication, we must take the pill. In recovery, that means taking the first step, and for the program, that means working the steps. It works if you take it, and “it works if you work it.”

Are you or someone you know fighting the disease of addiction? Do you feel isolated, helpless, and without hope? Then you are probably exactly where you need to be to begin on the road to recovery. Help is here, recovery is closer than you think, and we are only a call away. Contact us at 855.712.7784 , to learn about the program and get on the road to recovery today.