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The Role of Exercise in Drug Rehab

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A lot of variables go into a successful inpatient drug rehab experience. At Green Mountain Treatment Center, we incorporate holistic wellness and body-centric therapies into our treatment to help clients get well and strong after the effects of drug addiction. Here, we talk with Jessica French, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, who explains the importance of exercise/bodily wellness and changing habits in a successful rehabilitation from drugs.

Jessica: The biggest thing for me is… I love to help people. Working here, I can do that. I learn what it is they want to accomplish, to go home with. Recovery is a huge thing in itself, and to be able to put fitness into that, and have them go home with something that they can continue is everything. They can focus on that–what they learned in exercise–instead of focusing on what they used to be doing.

It starts with goal setting…

When they come in… I sit down with them and I ask them, “Well, what are your goals? What do you want accomplish while you’re here?” Obviously, you can’t accomplish everything in thirty days, but you can get on the right path to changing your entire life.

I give them tools to change their habits

I want to give them the tools to do that, change their entire life. And, they love it. I think it’s a huge part of recovery to work out, and I enjoy working with them.

In just thirty days, they’ve transformed…

It’s an amazing experience when I can see the improvement in them. In just thirty days, they have changed so much. And they will tell me, “Hey, I’m taking this home with me. And I’m doing this at home”. It’s a really good thing to be able to bring that forward to them. And you see the difference in their demeanor, their skin, and just everything about them. Their whole personality changes because they just feel better about themselves.

They come in feeling defeated…

Sometimes, they’ll first come in and they’ll be lethargic and down. You can just see in their face that they feel defeated. But then, when they leave, you see them, and they’ve transformed. I’ve had people come up to me and say, “I’m gonna miss you so much. I actually love it here”. And I’m like, “wow!” It’s really good to know that they enjoyed themselves, that they really put in the work to be here, and it paid off”. It’s amazing to the see the difference in them.

It’s all about routine and changing habits

Routine is really important to staying on track, to living a sober life. You have a lot of things going in your life during early recovery, and you don’t feel stable. You can slip a little bit. But by having a routine with your exercise, with your lifestyle, stabilizes things. You’re happier, more focused on your new habits instead of the previous harmful ones.

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