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How to Respond to an Overdose

The United States currently has the highest drug-related mortality rate in the world, accounting for 1 in every 4 drug-related deaths globally. This shows no

COVID-19 and Mental Health

What Social Isolation Means for Addiction Treatment As the world navigates through the many uncertainties brought on by COVID-19, such as financial stress, unemployment, fear

When to Hold an Intervention

So When Should You Stage an Intervention? Knowing exactly when to reach out to someone who has a substance use problem is difficult. Intervention is

Addiction Resources for Parents

What Parents Should Know about Addiction Raising healthy children in the 21st century presents a myriad of unique challenges to parents. A primary area of

Addiction Treatment for Seniors

Addiction Resources for Elderly Senior citizens face a variety of mental illnesses that are often overlooked because of their ages. The American elderly generation, often

Addiction Treatment for Veterans

Addiction Resources for Veterans When the brave and selfless heroes from our armed forces return home, unforeseen difficulties often present themselves as they try to

Addiction Treatment Resources for Firefighters & EMTs

Addiction Resources for Firefighters and EMTs Firefighters & EMTs alike have a physically, emotionally, and psychologically challenging occupation. As a consequence, a notable percentage of