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Combat Trauma in Veterans

Veterans are some of the most vulnerable and underserved populations. Whether they have seen combat or not, they are likely to have witnessed traumatic situations,

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The Link Between Suicide + Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse + Suicidal Ideation = a Bad Relationship   According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, 48,344 Americans died by suicide in 2018,

Kristen Bergman

Fitness & Nutrition in Addiction Recovery

Addiction: A Disease of the Mind & Body Addiction is typically thought of as a disease of the mind—it affects the brain chemistry, and therefore

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Is Addiction a Disease?

Addiction: is it a Disease? Though addiction is now officially recognized as a disease by the medical community, it comes as a surprise that the

Paying for Rehab With Medicaid

Paying for rehab is one of the biggest sources of anxiety for people who want to get treatment for substance use disorder. Getting help is


Deciding to seek treatment for substance abuse is the first step in getting the help you need. Though you can pay out of pocket for

NH Healthy Families

The NH Healthy Families Provider Network works to provide substance use disorder services, behavioral health services, specialty therapy and rehabilitative services all throughout New Hampshire.

Well Sense

Whether you are taking a high dosage of a prescription medication or find that you are consuming much more alcohol than you should be, it’s