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Staying Accountable in Recovery

The Importance of Staying Accountable in Recovery Overcoming drug addiction is very difficult. At times, people dealing with drug misuse and dependence find it challenging

The Importance of Having a Home Meeting

Finding Hope With Your Home AA Group Across the United States, nearly roughly 140 million people over the age of 12 drink alcohol, and 10.6%

Movies to Help Those in Recovery

How Movies About Addiction Can Aid People in Recovery Movies can offer inspiration and motivation. Watching the struggles of other people living in similar situations

The Link Between Alcohol and Sexual Assault

Is There a Link Between Alcohol Use and Sexual Assault? If someone initiated sexual activity and you didn’t want to go through with it, you

Guilt in Recovery

Understanding Guilt in Recovery Guilt is a powerful emotion with an extremely negative impact on most aspects of recovery and is a common feeling for

10 Tips for Getting the Most from Rehab

Top 10 Tips for Getting the Most from Rehab You deserve a lot of credit for entering a rehab program because you have decided to

Childhood Trauma and Addiction

Treating Childhood Trauma and Addiction Childhood trauma occurs far too often, and it affects children in various ways throughout their lives. Research shows that one

Empathy in Sobriety

The Role of Empathy in Sobriety Throughout our lives, empathy is a whetstone upon which many of our most significant relationships, from family to friends

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