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Stories of Addiction Recovery: Bill’s Story

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Bill Statires, Recovery Support Staff at Granite Recovery Centers, shares his story of drug addiction recovery and the gifts of sobriety he encounters every day in his personal and professional life.

Bill Statires:

If you wanna get better, and get sober, you gotta put the work in.

Green Mountain Treatment Center, Granite House, all of Granite Recovery Centers, they instilled this faith in me. And just having the support of all the community and the support of my family as well is amazing.

Changing your life beyond 30 days

When you go to other treatment centers and your thirty days are over, they just send you back home, and you’re right back into your old lifestyle. But at GRC, they provide support after that 30 or so days. When I went to The Granite House, they just really emphasized the importance of aftercare and changing your whole life.

I’m just learning how to become an adult…

What they’re selling here it works. About 90% of all the employees were in recovery themselves. Today, they, we are happy. We can have a full-time job. We show up for our families. We’re responsible. We save money. We pay our bills. I had never done that before. I’m 29 years old, and I’m just learning how to become an adult. If it wasn’t for Green Mountain Treatment Center and The Granite House, I don’t know where I’d be. I think about the amount of stress that I put on my parents when they didn’t know if they were ever gonna get that phone call saying, “Your son has passed” or, “Your son’s in jail”. Just knowing that my parents are sleeping at night, and not having to stress about me; just that is worth it.

Trying to get sober before GRC…

When I was trying to get sober in the past, I would say the right things to them, to everyone, excuses, apologies, promises. But my actions would not follow suit. But now, I have a new job. I have a car. I have relationships. I have friendships. And people can trust me. The Granite House, and the people I went through the house with made me want to be a better person. It made me realize that there is so much to life out there. The gifts of sobriety are endless.

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