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Stories of Addiction Recovery: Kristina

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Kristina is a recovered drug addict and Operations Manager at Green Mountain Treatment Center (one of our two NH inpatient drug rehab centers) in Effingham, N.H. Here, she talks about her own struggle to get help for her addiction, why it worked, and how it translates to her career fighting the drug epidemic.

Kristina: So as a person who struggled with drug addiction for a really long time, I was in and out of treatment centers. I just could never get a grasp on what it was that I was supposed to do to get well. But then I did, at Granite Recovery Centers. After finally being able to get my feet on the ground with that (getting well) and getting some sobriety under my belt, the opportunity to come back and share that experience with clients arrived. Now, I get to show them that there is hope, there is a solution; it’s amazing.

Fighting the Epidemic and Making a Difference

I love being part of a team that’s working to combat this epidemic. I love being able to do my best, do my part to make a difference in the world and in what’s going on with addiction and alcoholism. It’s really not getting better out there. More and more people are affected by this disease. More and more people are seeking help for it. We offer a solution that a lot of other centers don’t. Other facilities will sort of touch on the steps, but they don’t actually do any work through them. They’ll tell people that there is a solution, but then, they won’t get show them how to get there.

We provide a step-by-step solution, unlike other centers

And the more our reputation spreads as being a center that actually helps achieve that, the more people are interested in coming in the doors. The key to ending this epidemic–or at least making a dent in it–is awareness. It’s sharing that we do have a solution, and getting it out there, getting it known. The more we spread that, the more the world becomes aware, the more we work to fight against the stigma, and the better chances that we have in making a difference in the fight against the drug epidemic.

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