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Women’s Detox Center

Women’s Detox Center

By going to a women’s detox center, you are taking the first step in your healthy, lasting recovery. At a women’s recovery center, you can get gender-specific treatment and support for the entire rehab process. You can safely detox from drugs and alcohol so that you can focus on healing from your addiction.

How Gender-Specific Treatment Helpsfemale doctor reassures patient in a womens detox center

When someone decides to become sober, they need an environment that supports their unique treatment needs. A women’s detox center provides gender-specific care. It offers therapies and group support that work for female-specific needs.

Studies show that men and women actually experience addictions differently. Men are more likely to develop substance abuse problems. While men are more likely to suffer from problems like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), women are more likely to have co-occurring disorders like depression and anxiety.

When someone begins a women’s detox program, they go through an intake process. This process allows doctors and addiction specialists to diagnose the client’s condition and any co-occurring illnesses. If the client suffers from depression, trauma, anxiety, or other disorders, they can get a diagnosis during intake.

Co-occurring disorders like anxiety can make it harder to treat an addiction. Many people use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate for co-occurring disorders. After they become sober, their underlying mental illnesses will still remain. If the client does not get treatment for the underlying disorder as well, they may be more likely to relapse. At a top dual diagnosis treatment facility, clients can get help for all of their disorders at the same time.

What Is a Women’s Detox Center Like?

At a women’s detox facility, clients begin with detox. Addiction specialists work to design the rest of the program and treat any co-occurring disorders. After detox, the client begins rehab. This step can take place as residential treatment, intensive outpatient programs, or outpatient treatment.

While residential programs require someone to live at the treatment center, an outpatient program lets clients go home each day. People generally choose a residential program if they want a more intensive, focused treatment. Meanwhile, outpatient programs are ideal if someone needs extra flexibility to handle family and work responsibilities.

After rehab is complete, clients can also start aftercare and sober living programs. The right New Hampshire women’s residential rehab program gives clients the therapy, group support meetings and other options they need to stay sober. In sober living programs, the client lives in a supervised, transitional setting. This kind of setting gives clients support as they transition back to normal life.

Through a top women’s detox center, women can find the care they need. Holistic programs have options like yoga and meditation. These holistic options help to treat the whole person instead of just the addiction.

Achieving a Better Quality of Life

By going to a women’s detox facility, clients can learn more about substance abuse and the best treatment options available. Each person experiences addiction in a different way, so the best women’s detox center offers personalized treatment options. After the initial detox process, women get help through different counseling programs, therapies, and group support options.

In a women’s detox program and rehab center, clients can discover unique options such as:

An addiction may be challenging to overcome, but no one has to go through it alone. At the best women’s detox center, clients can get the care and support they need to become sober. The Granite Recovery Centers offer gender-specific detox, rehab, and aftercare. To learn more information about our options, call us today at 855.712.7784 .