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What is Harm Reduction?

When most people think of helping drug addicts heal, they think about doing so by helping them get rid of their addictions once and for

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Debt in Recovery

It is never easy dealing with the consequences of addiction. For many, there are significant consequences of the legal variety that they will need to

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Why We Should Celebrate Sobriety Dates

When you were fighting to stay sober and coping with addiction, the world was likely miserable for you. The days were probably hectic, and you

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When a Friend Relapses

You have likely heard it before, yet it is worth repeating over and over again that addiction is a disease. It can affect any person

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How to Deal With Stress

When recovering from an alcohol or substance use disorder, there are many factors that can contribute to relapse. Learning to avoid or adapt to these

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Euphoric Recall

There’s a phenomenon sometimes used to discuss the positive memories and associations that linger within a person who has overcome Substance Use Disorder. While their