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The Cycle of Addiction

The Cycle of Addiction Addiction is a problem that affects millions of people all over the world. Whether addiction to drugs, alcohol, or gambling, it

Medical Detox vs. Medication-Assisted Treatment

The Differences Between Medical Detox and Medication-assisted Treatment Over 21 million Americans struggle with substance use disorder and only 11% receive the necessary treatment. Some

Loneliness in Recovery

Isolation and Addiction Are Dangerous Cycles People need social connections to thrive in this world. When you suffer from substance use disorder, isolation can lead

Drinking or Drugging Dreams in Early Recovery

What Is the Significance of Relapse Dreams in Early Recover? Early in your recovery, drug and alcohol dreams are a fairly common occurrence. They can

Gateway Drugs: What are They?

Gateway Drugs and Addiction The gateway theory of substance abuse theorizes that an individual who uses one illegal or dangerous substance will be more likely

Breakthrough Pain in Addiction Recovery

What Is Breakthrough Pain? Breakthrough pain is a sudden increase in pain intensity that occurs when someone is either not taking their medication, or the

The Window of Opportunity

Using the Window of Opportunity to Get a Loved One into Treatment If you’ve ever considered getting addiction treatment for a loved one, you know

What Does “Hitting Rock Bottom” Mean

How to Know When You’ve Hit Rock Bottom Addiction is a tricky matter, especially when it comes to describing the experience known as “hitting rock

Why Do People Abuse Substances?

What Are Some of the Reasons That Cause People to Abuse Substances? When we talk about substance abuse, many people assume it is all about

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