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The Present, the Gift is Being Sober

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Today, on this Christmas Eve, we join Kristin Gates, House Manager of Vision House West, to talk about what it’s like to be in extended care drug rehab during the holidays. Like many of our employees, Kristin began her journey with Granite Recovery Centers as a client, struggling with addiction. Today, fully recovered, she gives back by helping others recover from addiction, Christmas, and every day. Christmas here is celebrated just like you were anywhere. It was exciting to me when I lived here to put the tree up and have that, and still celebrate and do the things I was doing at home. We do Secret Santas. And the girls love it because they get to give. They don’t get to go out, some of them don’t even have jobs right now. They’re in Phase 1 so they don’t even get to go out and buy presents for their family, but the present is being sober.

A Completely Different Experience

How I look at being here for the holidays is when you’re here, you’re going to get a completely different experience than you’ve ever had before because you’re with your family that you picked. You’re with this group of women that are feeling the same way and united in the same way. It’s a completely different experience.

Just One Holiday for a Life of Sobriety

I personally think it’s awesome because it’s something I won’t forget. It’s something these girls won’t forget ever. As far as missing the time with your family, they have to remember that it’s this one holiday you’re sacrificing for the rest of your life in sobriety. For those worried about spending a holiday at a sober house, just remember that you may be missing that holiday but you’re gaining so much more.

From our house to yours, from one addiction to another, from a holiday missed to a life reclaimed–we wish you the best and brightest of holidays. Join us and be well. Call 855.712.7784 for immediate help.

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