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2019 Drug Addiction Resolutions: Resolve to Be Well

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When you resolve to change something about yourself for the better, it is often much more than achieving a definitive term or characteristic. When you resolve to lose weight, for example, you are losing a habit of overeating, gaining a more positive approach to your body. When you resolve to read more, you are choosing to develop and work your mind. When you make a New Year’s resolution to quit drugs or alcohol, you are resolving to choose purpose over addiction, life over death. And there are a number of micro-resolutions that go into the process of a successful break from drugs or alcohol. If earned, these tangible goals can help make the bigger resolution of lasting sobriety that much more real and attainable. For 2019, resolve to begin again. Here are your resolutions for a beautiful and bright 2019:

1. I resolve to admit my powerlessness over addiction.

2. I resolve to ask for help (from family, friends, etc).

3. I resolve to set small goals for myself.

4. I resolve to exercise both mind and body daily.

5. I resolve to take one day at a time.

6. I resolve to seek professional help (drug rehab treatment).

7. I resolve to avoid friends/situations where drugs are used.

8. I resolve to do this just for me.

9. I resolve to go to AA or NA meetings when I need to.

10. I resolve to stop blaming others.

11. I resolve to become free from addiction.

12. I resolve to be grateful for all I have every day.

13. I resolve to think positively.

14. I resolve to live.

This year is yours; resolve to get well.

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