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Drug Rehab Resolution: Why You Should Go Before 2019

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The time for making resolutions, for resolving to change our lives for the better is here. If one of your resolutions this year has been to stop drinking, to stop using drugs, to make yourself well; the reasons to get better before January 1st far outweigh waiting until the New Year to do so.

First of all: Good for you…

This mental step you’re taking (no matter if it’s your first or 20th time) is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. Congrats to you, your strength, your willpower, and your decision to rise above the sickness. Life is worth living, and you’ll get that (you really will) once you get to the other side of this.

Many (if not most) people, when making resolutions to lose weight, eat healthy, or get sober, set their sights on a start date of January 1st. While any time is a good day to start a resolution, for sobriety, it’s ideal to start sooner. Here’s why:

The Holidays are Rife with Drug-Related Danger

People tend to overdo it at the holidays. It’s often a season of excused excess, in sugar cookies, presents, and mugs of spiked eggnog. Phrases such as, “have another drink; it’s the holidays!” can be heard far and wide all season long. For many, their use doesn’t result in anything more serious than a morning headache; but for others–both functional and dysfunctional users, it can relate in serious injury or potential death. According to the NIAAA, during the holidays 2-3 times more people die in alcohol-related crashes and 40 percent of traffic fatalities involved a driver who is impaired by alcohol. And that’s just alcohol. People drink for the same reason people use meth, heroin, etc: to escape. They escape and bad decisions are made, fatal results occur and many, many lives are ruined by that one event. As someone who uses to excess, you know that you’re easily one holiday event away from this kind of tragedy. Think of all the times you will use over the holiday season–those are all opportunities for tragedy.

Holiday Parties are Drama

If you’re like most who have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you know holiday parties can be dramatic. Whether it’s a work party or family Christmas Eve, the stressful feelings you have about the people there, makes you use; and likely, cause a scene and/or embarrass yourself. Shouting, shame, and potential physical fighting ensues; and there goes another night you can’t take back. By seeking help before these celebrations, you take all this drama out of the equation, by simply not going–and making yourself well for next year.

Looming Resolutions Doom the Present

No matter what type of resolution you have been brooding on for 2019, it’s likely–especially, if you have an addictive personality–that you’re nervous about giving up your favorite things, forever. So, you binge. For the overeater, they might finish the holiday pie. For the addict, however, they might drink the liquor cabinet or do an extra three rounds of meth. Pie doesn’t have much potential to kill you, but excessive alcohol or meth–well, they could. Your last hurrah–as it may be–could kill you. Just go in–don’t go big.

Start Earlier, Feel Better Sooner

This one you know, and while often said, it’s resoundingly so. The sooner you seek help from a drug rehab, the sooner you’ll start feeling better. Start getting better today, and by New Year’s Day, you’ll feel better-mind, body, and soul. The sooner you start the process, the more days you’ll have to enjoy the good things in life, like all the holidays to come, all the beautiful events that you’ll be part of and present for.

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