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What Inpatient Drug Rehab is Like

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Making the decision to get help, to go to inpatient drug rehab, is probably one of the scariest things you or your loved one will have to do. But it is also, so very rewarding. One of the biggest questions people have has to do with what will it be like. Below, Kristina Samar, Operations Supervisor at Green Mountain Treatment Center, discusses what inpatient drug rehab is like in the typical first week, after admission at our flagship drug rehab center in Effingham, N.H.As Kristina discusses, the first week in rehab at Granite Recovery Centers is about getting the peer and professional supports new clients need to work their way through understanding the root, triggers, and results of their addiction. This understanding is rooted in the 12 Steps, a curriculum that–in time–deepens self-awareness, broadens spirituality, and promotes a new life of purpose. Inpatient rehabilitation here is integrated though–so, while 12-Steps are core to the recovery process, so is behavioral psychotherapy. Clients get all they need to get them back to well.

It all starts with that first week. Join us, and get well.

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