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Drug Detox Center

Drug Detox Center

Bringing your addiction to a sudden halt can be challenging and even dangerous. The drug detox center at Granite Recovery provides a safer and more effective alternative. When you check in to our Effingham, NH medical detox center, you can experience a more relaxed environment complete with medication-assisted treatment, comfortable facilities, and holistic therapies.

Our addiction treatment specialists will be on hand to monitor your symptoms, track your progress, and attend to your needs. With Granite Recovery, you never have to feel like you are alone. Our professionals genuinely care about your well-being and provide the facilities and tools you need to get through detox.

Detox: What to Expect

Group therapy session at our drug detox center in New Hampshire drug detox MassachusettsThere is nothing easy about detox. When you stop feeding your brain drugs or alcohol, it reacts by triggering drug withdrawal symptoms. These alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • Headaches
  • Feeling agitated, anxious, or depressed
  • Cold chills or sweating
  • Nausea, vomiting, or cramps
  • Too much or too little sleep
  • Zero appetite

Also, you may experience serious health problems. For this reason, you should never try to detox on your own. You have no idea what to expect. In most cases, withdrawal symptoms last only a few days. Others can last for several weeks. You may also continue to experience cravings long after the other withdrawal symptoms have gone away.

Our goal is to bring as much comfort, encouragement, and support as possible while you are in our drug detox in New Hampshire. We offer holistic addiction treatment programs to help you deal with the discomfort or pain.

“I came to treatment at GRC and I was like, ​This is where I should be​. It’s really, really cool to actually be excited about next month and next year. I’m actually enjoying what I’m doing. I’m just really, really hopeful for my future.”

– L.W., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

Purging the Poisons from Your Body

The best part about detox is that your body quickly begins the process of healing itself. The healing process includes flushing the toxins out of your system. While this does produce withdrawals, it also helps you feel better and learn to function without drugs.

Once you get through the worst parts of detox, you will feel like you have not felt in years.

We offer detox for different types of drugs that poison your body, including:

Acute and Sub-Acute Medical Detox Care

When you enter our drug detox center in New Hampshire, we will prescribe a level of acute or sub-acute medical detoxification depending on the circumstances of your addiction. Your level of care can range from 0.5 (no withdrawal risk) to 4.0 (full hospital resources). Granite Recovery has the facilities and staff to level 3.7 sub-acute.

This means that if you have high risks associated with your addiction, we can treat many of them. We offer care based on your monitoring requirements, motivational strategies, and your inability to end your addiction on your own.

What Happens After a Drug Detox Center?

Once you complete detox, a Granite Recovery treatment specialist will discuss your treatment options. You will have the opportunity to engage in both evidence-based treatment and holistic therapies, as well as experiential activities.

The focus of your entire treatment plan will be to equip you to overcome your addiction and to manage any mental health issues. The goal is lifelong recovery. Therefore, we also offer aftercare treatment through education, continued counseling, and support groups.

While detox may be the first and most crucial step in your recovery, it is not the last. We offer aftercare and alumni program options to increase your chances of staying clean.

Take Your First Step to Recovery with Detox

If you have questions about addiction treatment, want to schedule your detox date, or are looking for a better alternative to drug detox in Massachusetts, then contact Granite Recovery. We are here to help you get through detox successfully. Call us at 855.712.7784 to find out more about our drug detox center.