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Drug Companies Sued Over Opioid Epidemic

A U.S. District Court Judge is allowing a massive lawsuit against the country’s biggest drug makers and distributors to move forward. Hundreds of cities and

man does yoga and learns about spiritual recovery in drug addiction
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Spiritual Recovery and Drug Addiction

Recovering from substance abuse involves more than just quitting harmful substances. It often requires deep self-reflection on one’s history, decisions, behaviors, and core values. Many

Spencer shares addiction recovery story
spencer meng
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Stories of Addiction Recovery: Spencer Meng

The holidays can be pretty intimidating and traumatic as an alcoholic. Whether in active recovery or in active abuse of alcohol, triggers to use are

holiday stringing popcorn for christmas tree
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The Holidays and Drug Addiction

The holidays can be a uniquely challenging and stressful time of year, especially for those suffering from substance abuse issues or recovery. For those recovering

Kristin telling what inpatient drug rehab is like
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What Inpatient Drug Rehab is Like

Making the decision to get help, to go to inpatient drug rehab, is probably one of the scariest things you or your loved one will

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Inpatient drug rehab
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Drug Rehab: Why You Need More Than 30 Days

Common to the world of drug addiction recovery is this theme of a “30 day recovery or treatment”: 30 days spent in an inpatient drug

Andy sharing drug addiction recovery story
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Stories of Drug Addiction Recovery: Andy Young

Facing the prospect or continuation of addiction recovery can be terrifying, but a community of your peers is everything. Part of what makes Granite Recovery

fentanyl crisis poster
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The Fentanyl Crisis: What You Need to Know

Fentanyl is an incredibly potent synthetic opioid that is responsible for thousands of deaths. Fentanyl is often administrated in medical contexts, where it is used