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counselor talks to other patients in a group therapy circle about the effects of trauma
effects of trauma
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Overcoming the Effects of Trauma

Most people are not equipped to deal with trauma. So, when it happens, it can throw your life into an emotional tailspin. Overcoming the effects

young woman thriving in one of the available detox programs
detox programs
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How Detox Programs Help You Get Clean Comfortably

Individuals who wish to recover from substance addiction should consider the importance of detox before rehab. Supervised detox in a medical setting is the safest

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Drug Rehab: Abstinence vs. Harm Reduction

Substance abuse, dependence, and addiction occur for many reasons that can vary greatly between individuals, just as the severity of such behaviors and experiences will

Signs of Meth Use

Methamphetamine, more commonly known as Meth, has an infamous reputation as a uniquely devastating drug, especially to long-term users. With its recent resurgence in the

What is Alcoholism?

People often have a specific image in their head when the word “alcoholism” is brought up. Alcoholics, they think, can’t function in daily life. The

woman looks forlorn as hair blows in wind
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Stories of Addiction Recovery: Brianna

In this edition of Stories of Addiction Recovery, Brianna opens up about her experience as a highly functioning alcoholic, and how she got her life