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About Our Aftercare Program

What is Aftercare?

When primary addiction treatment is complete, the risk of relapse is still present. Clients who successfully complete primary residential drug rehab find that their return to “normal” life, with all of its stressors, challenges, and temptations, can be made easier through participation in our rehab aftercare programs. Moreover, studies show that continuing care after primary treatment is hugely successful in lifelong sobriety.


The Purpose of Drug Rehab Aftercare Programs

Rehab aftercare or extended care programs provide a bridge to fully independent living, complete with structure, schedules, rules, as well as freedoms — so that clients can eventually transition to their new sober lives safely and soberly. Our extended care facilities, one exclusively for women and the other for men, feature a three-phase approach to treatment designed to help clients actualize their own daily design for living in sobriety.

  • Phase 1: Immersion in the 12-Steps and learning how to implement a daily design for living.
  • Phase 2: Learning practical life skills through daily structure and accountability that will help in building a new, purposeful life. Lessons focus on key life skills such as time and money management, continuing education, resume building, and employment counseling.
  • Phase 3: Becoming increasingly exposed to and involved in the “real world” through regular employment, peer meeting management, resident mentorship, and personal sober-identity development.


Drug Rehab Extended Care Facilities

Our drug rehab aftercare programs provide apartment-style accommodations featuring shared kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas for group meetings, cable TV, scheduled activities, and educational programs. Granite Recovery Centers provides two options for Extended Care. All offer a safe and supported environment, structured schedules, case management, scheduled programs, and house rules. All activities are designed for optimal recovery support. These two programs include:

  • Harmony House: A 15-bed facility located in Wakefield, NH, serving women 18 years and older.
  • Freedom House: A 16-bed facility located in Effingham, NH, serving men 18 years and older.


Extended Care Schedules and Rules

Extended Care Programs at Granite Recovery Centers feature structured schedules requiring participation on a daily/weekly basis in the following:


Case Management and Clinical Services

Along with a structured Recovery Education & Skills Training (R.E.S.T.), which is a comprehensive lecture, discussion, and action-based curriculum developed by integrating time-tested 12 Step principles with evidencebased clinical practices and the personal experiences of men and women in recovery from Substance Use Disorder.

Granite Recovery Centers also provides comprehensive case management and clinical services which include:

  • A dedicated case manager that works with the client and his or her family to customize the best extended care experience possible
  • Intensive outpatient programming (IOP), which provides access to psychotherapy, medication management, as well as 12-Step groups, process groups, goal setting, and psycho-educational groups


Extended Care Goal Setting

Daily successes, particularly those in a recovery setting, are a product of effectively establishing goals and meeting each of them. At Granite Recovery Centers’ extended care programs, goal setting is integral to each clients’ daily schedule and treatment plan. Case managers, therapists, 12-Step facilitators, and house managers work in concert to ensure that each client has the support they need to meet or exceed the recovery goals that they set for themselves.

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