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Stories of Addiction Recovery: Naomi’s Story

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In every drug addiction timeline, there comes a day when the addict is just done with being sick and tired, being someone that they no longer recognize. An alumni of Green Mountain Treatment Center, Naomi, shares her story of recovery after that fateful day.



I had hated the person I’d become…

By the time I entered Granite Recovery Centers, I was very, very done with the drugs and alcohol. I had hated the person that I’d become so much, and I was willing to do just about anything to change.

But I was definitely uncertain in regards to drug rehab. It was that sense of, “Well, I don’t know that this is going to work for me.” I started to think about all the ifs, ands, or buts.


But I put in the work, and it changed me.

I didn’t necessarily have this blind faith that I have today that it was going to make me feel better and was going to provide freedom and relief, but I put in the work and it changed me.

On and off the clock people were willing to help me…

My experience with Granite Recovery Centers was that people truly, authentically, wanted to see me and my family well, which had not been something that I had experienced in the past. I think that there were a lot of influential people that spoke to me out of a place of not wanting to come across as marketable, but wanting to come across as truthful. On and off the clock people were willing to help me.


They held me to a higher standard

They encouraged me to move at not the most comfortable pace for me, a pace that I didn’t expect myself to hold myself to. I think that they held me to higher standards and had this faith in me that I didn’t have in myself for a really long time. They believed in me, when I didn’t. They were to take credit for my recovery, or for other peoples’ recovery. They were there with just this authentic, genuine, uncompromised interest in getting people well.


And here I am…a completely changed and new person

I continue to stay involved in the recovery network. I’ve been given opportunities to step up as a leader. I just started a new job. I’ve been placed in a position where people unconditionally trust me and trust me to help other people. That’s very special to me and a new experience for me. I am very much not the same person that I showed up to this world as. I am a completely changed and new person.

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