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Stories of Addiction Recovery: Josh’s Story

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Josh is Operations Director at The Granite House and Queen City Sober Living, but he wasn’t always. Like many of our employees at GRC, Josh in another life struggled with his own addiction.

Josh: I’m just a normal person. There’s nothing tough about me. If it wasn’t for God, and for doing the work to get through addiction and recovery, and the relationships I have with my friends; I wouldn’t be here. That’s huge.

Reestablishing Family Connections

I was solo for a long time. Some of that was my disease just keeping me isolated. And the other part was the fact nobody wanted to be around me. Honestly, looking back, I don’t blame them, but the ability to be there for my mother, the ability to help my father into treatment and visit him is amazing to me now.

Happiness I never knew existed

My grandmother passed away probably about a year ago, and from the time I got sober until she passed away, I was able to go spend weekends with her, go places with her, just go hang out for the day. I could rebuild those relationships that I had walked away from at fourteen years old. I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I hadn’t gotten sober. That happiness and joy is something that I didn’t even know existed.

My whole life had been a lie

In treatment, I finally learned I’m not that badass, not one bit. I’m actually pretty sensitive when you get down to it. It’s just crazy that person that I brought in was fake. And it took about two years, and then I was driving in my car and I just realized, “My whole life, up until like right now… was a lie.” That was huge.

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