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Stories of Addiction Recovery: Jesse’s Story

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What we do at Granite Recovery Centers is life-changing for our clients, sure, but also, extremely powerful and meaningful for the people who work here, and get to witness life transformation. Jesse Carrillo, one of Granite Recovery Centers’ friendly admissions specialists, shares how powerful witnessing recovery in others is for him.

Jesse Carillo: People often ask me… “Doesn’t this feel really great? Doesn’t this feel amazing to do?” Obviously, it does, but what is truly amazing is when it happens. It doesn’t happen on the day that people enter into treatment. It’s a transformation occurring over the course of months, sometimes years.

From Hopeless to Hopeful

I am fortunate that I still go to meetings. I get to witness people both at the beginning of recovery and then later, after they have gotten better. I remember in this one instance, I looked at this individual and I thought, “Wow, I remember how utterly hopeless and depressed and anxious and just fear-driven that this person was upon entering treatment”. And now, here they are, fast-forward fifty some-odd days later, in this meeting, sharing their experience.

From Closed-Off to Wanting More from Life

All of a sudden I can begin to see the light go off in their heads. I can see the hope in their eyes. I can hear them talking about wanting to be better, wanting to be better for their family and for themselves. They start talking about a higher power, which again, thirty/forty days ago? Non-existent. They were completely closed-off to this idea of a spiritual life, of a spiritual program. And now they’re alive.

This is something real…

This isn’t lip service is either. These people aren’t just saying these things; they believe them. I can easily tell when someone pays me lip service. This is something different. This is something real. There are things happening here that are just amazing, every day, for so many people–people like me. I personally can count on one hand the amount of times I made a decision in my life that was going to truly alter my future. In first place, is my decision to walk into treatment, and try to make myself better.

There’s always a solution

There’s always a million reasons not to do something. Someone that’s still struggling with a drug addiction has got their brain most likely pulling them in a thousand different directions. But what I would say to them is that, “there is always a solution”.

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