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National Recovery Month 2020

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2020 has brought with it many difficulties. COVID-19 has cast a long shadow over what we consider normalcy, and has been especially hard for those among us who suffer from substance use disorders. Whether you are continuing your recovery journey, first giving sobriety a try, or have a loved one struggling, it has been a challenging time to stay connected. For that reason, we wish to bring attention to this being the 31st year of National Recovery Month.


What Is National Recovery Month?

Every September, National Recovery Month is observed to raise awareness and understanding of substance use disorders. It also serves as a celebration for those who have recovered, and to show others that recovery is possible to achieve. This gives visibility to the recovery community, which is often overlooked in mainstream society.

National Recovery Month has also recently incorporated mental health into the celebration, which helps spread the message for that population, as well. By encompassing both mental health and substance use disorder, the month-long celebration exudes positive reinforcement for advocacy and understanding.

The theme for Recovery Month 2020 is Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Connections, and this year it’s sponsored by Faces & Voices of Recovery. The theme chosen for this year reminds those in recovery and their loved ones that the connections we have with others are so important, and it is through those connections we can reach success. Especially at a time when our connections are feeling ‘short-changed’ (as they are often digitized, televised, or from a safe distance), we must keep united and moving forward.


Join an Online Meeting or Create Your Own

If you are feeling the effects of COVID, you might want to check out an online meeting to get reconnected. If you have a sponsor, have a daily or weekly call with them, depending on where you are in your recovery. If you ever went to a meeting and announced you were a newcomer, chances are you might have a few numbers on hand—feel free to give those a call, too! People give you numbers in hopes that you will call them.

Another idea is to host a small gathering of friends. Keep in mind the social guideline regulations, and sit outside if possible. If your peers are in recovery, too, have someone bring literature and do some readings, or you can simply do a check-in with everyone. While it might not have the turnout of your average meeting, remember what they say: it only takes 2 alcoholics to have a meeting.

Meetings with others are important for those with substance use disorder, especially in early recovery. You might even share sobriety dates, and have a little celebration for those who have reached a milestone during COVID.


Educate Others About Recovery and Addiction

What’s great about Recovery Month is that it provides a vehicle for advocates to further awareness and education about substance abuse disorder. We can use this month’s spotlight to shed light on the current opioid crisis, and to draw attention to this deadly disease that hasn’t slowed down because of the pandemic. We encourage you to share about Recovery Month on social media, and use hashtags when you do so that others can find them, too!

Information about National Recovery Month is also important to circulate because it could reach someone who is still in active addiction. You never know what information will hit someone at the right time—it could be what encourages them to seek help. If you are in recovery yourself, you can educate others about the steps you took toward healing,  and, in turn, might save the life of another.


Encourage Someone Close to You to Get Help

National Recovery Month can be the right time to encourage a loved one to seek help. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, we would be more than happy to chat about options available at Granite Recovery Centers. We offer a wide range of services, from medical detox to aftercare and outpatient programming. Granite Recovery Centers provides medical detoxification for people who do not need immediate medical intervention, are not a danger to themselves, and are capable of self-evacuation in the event of an emergency.

We can help figure out what’s right for you. Our Admissions Specialists are available 24/7 at 855.712.7784 – please give us a call today.