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How to Find Sober Houses in Mass

Nearly 20 million people in America suffer from some type of addiction. It is a chronic disorder. Therefore, nearly half of all people that enter a rehab end up relapsing. For this reason, sober living homes were built to give people long-term care for substance abuse. Below is some information on how to find sober houses in Mass.

The Case for Aftercare

The average treatment for addiction lasts 30 to 90 days. While this may seem like forever to an addicted person, the time flies by. The period from a drug detox center to your final therapy session may not be enough to unravel years of addiction and keep you sober.

This is why aftercare programs exist. There are several types of aftercare programs – alumni, holistic therapies, ongoing counseling. Sober houses in Mass are another avenue of long-term support that you can access. If you are not ready to go back to your regular life, a sober house provides a safe environment for you to spend time in. They are an effective form of aftercare that ensures you do not relapse.

Alcohol and Drug-Free Environments

Sober living homes are substance-free environments that help you stay off of drugs or alcohol. You can maintain your recovery under limited supervision. Sober houses are not a place to just ‘chill.’ You must comply with house rules and stay clean. You may also be expected to help out with chores or attend house meetings.

In alcohol and drug-free environment, you are less likely to experience triggers or run into temptations that could cause you to relapse. While sober homes provide an ideal environment, they are temporary solutions, not permanent living spaces.

With that in mind, some homes allow you to stay as long as you wish (although most people do not). Other homes impose a time limit.

Living Arrangements in Sober Homes

When you enter a sober home, you will be cohabitating with large groups of people. Like you, many of the people in the home are recovering from an addiction. Many of these individuals work so that they can pay their home fees. Some homes even help individuals find jobs.

Some living arrangements include attending a 12-step program. Meetings take place at the house. All individuals are required to attend the meetings. You may also have opportunities to attend counseling sessions or therapy activities. Before you commit to staying at a sober house, make sure you understand the rules and the living arrangements. They are different from house to house.

Are You Searching for Sober Houses in Mass?

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