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people on stage at a club on campus throwing paper into the crowd of dancing college students
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College Drug Abuse: Addiction on Campus

College has a reputation as a place where experimenting with alcohol and illicit substances is common. Many associate college with parties and social gatherings, where

Alex Lincoln Able to Dream Again
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Stories of Addiction Recovery: Alex’s Story

Alex Lincoln, Recovery Case Manager at Green Mountain Treatment Center, once struggled with a drug addiction. Today, as a proud alumni of Granite Recovery Centers,

face in deep shadow
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Why Does Relapse Happen?

The Psychology of a Drug Relapse When people talk about recovery from substance abuse disorder, the fear of relapse is commonly brought up. There is

open book during first week of drug rehab
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The First Week of Drug Rehab

The prospect of getting sober and staying sober indefinitely is terrifying for most. Drug rehab is the foundation for changing habits, changing your life. Here,

Amber with family shares addiction recovery story
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Stories of Addiction Recovery: Amber

Alcoholism is a substance use disorder that can masquerade quite easily as a societal norm, as discussed in yesterday’s post: The Mommy Drinking Culture. Casual

Jason tells story about daughter
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Writing My Daughter’s Obituary

A few months ago, we sat down with Paige, a new mom and recent alumni of Granite Recovery Centers. Today, we hear from her father,