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Traci McCarthy IOP overview
Granite Recovery Centers

Intensive Outpatient Program: An Overview

At Granite Recovery Centers, we have a continuum of care that helps people struggling with addiction, continue to get the professional and community support they

Justin shares addiction recovery story
Granite Recovery Centers

Stories of Addiction Recovery: Justin’s Story

Justin Hojlo, a Recovery Case Manager at Green Mountain Treatment Center, is another great example of the compassionate “real people” team we have at Granite

empty alcohol bottles line a windowsill
Granite Recovery Centers

Can Alcoholism Cause Dementia?

Over time, alcoholism can wreak havoc on the body and mind in countless ways. From organ and immune system function to memory and cognition, excessive

people on stage at a club on campus throwing paper into the crowd of dancing college students
Granite Recovery Centers

College Drug Abuse: Addiction on Campus

College has a reputation as a place where experimenting with alcohol and illicit substances is common. Many associate college with parties and social gatherings, where

woman looking out window wondering what is extended care
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What is Extended Care?

When a person goes into treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction, they’re faced with potentially many new terms. An effective addiction treatment model often

unfocused woman smiling over her shoulder in a sunflower field
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How Dopamine Affects Addiction

Since addiction is widely acknowledged as a disease that affects the brain, it stands to reason that neurochemistry plays a large part in how people