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Yoga Therapy Program

Granite Recovery Centers provide a variety of opportunities to overcome your addiction through our holistic addiction therapy program in New Hampshire. One of our most popular forms of alternative treatment is our yoga therapy program. Yoga helps you reconnect your mind, body, and spirit as you find inner healing. You can empower yourself to kill the negativity locked up inside of you and replace it with positive energy.

Yoga has become a catalyst in transforming the lives of people who were once tied to alcohol or drug addiction. For many people, it opens a portal to hope that was not there before. When you do yoga for addiction recovery, you feel better physically and psychologically. You learn flexibility in your muscles and your thinking. Finally, you can control what goes on inside of you.

Yoga as Part of Your Treatment Program

Woman doing yoga during our yoga therapy program in New HampshireOne of the reasons why we incorporate yoga into our New Hampshire substance abuse treatment programs is because we have seen the healing that it has brought to many people. Though not a primary form therapy, yoga acts as a powerful supplement to evidence-based addiction therapy programs.

We combine yoga with other forms of therapy or treatment, such as:

Your yoga therapy program in New Hampshire may focus more on your addiction. Yoga provides ground support for your treatment by elevating you to a higher level of thinking and being. The yoga instructors at Granite Recovery Centers combine physical activity and mindfulness meditation during the yoga sessions.

Physical activity helps to strengthen your muscles, improves your circulation, helps your digestive system, and gives you a better sleep. Meditation helps you to identify the negativity inside you. It also helps you to redirect your mind and drive it to a more positive state. Both of these elements combined can help to boost your mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga in Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Our dual diagnosis treatment centers in New Hampshire tackle both your addiction and any mental health issues you may be dealing with. Dual diagnosis puts each on a separate therapy track. Dual diagnosis is vital because it helps us find the underlying problems of your addiction and find solutions for your mental disorder.

Yoga assists in dual diagnosis treatment because it directly addresses mental issues such as anxiety, social anxiety, depression, and even bipolar disorder or ADHD. Yoga empowers you to clear your mind and find strategies for managing the symptoms of your condition. It adds one more layer to your treatment that ensures your recovery.

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