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Life Skills Training

Choose an outpatient rehab center Salem NH clients trust for efficacy and compassion — and ask whether the program includes life skills training, which provides valuable tools for continuous recovery. This article discusses how LST is used to prevent substance abuse as well as it’s importance in a continuing recovery plan.


Life Skills Training for Substance Abuse Prevention

Dr. Gilbert J. Botvin developed Life Skills Training based on decades of scientific studies. Botkin, a prevention expert, has been recognized for this exemplary program by numerous government entities, such as the U.S. Department of Education as well as the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.

The program gives more than lip service to prevention by promoting healthy alternatives that reduce the risk of substance abuse. These skills include:

  • Teach kids to resist peer pressures to drink, vape, smoke, and use drugs
  • Help students build up their esteem and confidence.
  • Show students how to cope with anxiety.
  • Increase awareness of the effects of substance abuse.


LST Training for Substance Abuse Disorder Therapy

Life skills are a valuable part of addiction rehab. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate your accomplishment once you finish a treatment program. However, there’s still work to do. Perhaps you’ll feel angry, bored, anxious or frustrated.  Life skills training helps you deal with these feelings without a relapse.

life skills training

Additionally, life skills give you back your dignity. Eating right and taking care of yourself help you stay engaged. When a treatment plan includes positive life lessons, recovering addicts are less likely to focus on using drugs and alcohol. While addiction is a priority in all substance abuse treatment plans, you will be at a disadvantage if yours doesn’t also include LST.

At Granite Recovery Centers, you’ll learn how to shop on a budget at the grocery store. You may also participate in a resume building class and learn how to ace an interview. Picking up skills that are valuable in a professional setting gives you something to focus on and a chance for independence.

Outside professionals come in to teach these life-altering skills in group classes, which are based on improving your chances of getting hired once you complete your treatment. Money management and budgeting are key components of the course, and you’ll learn how to plan ahead and save for emergencies.

In addition, our life skills therapy teaches you to stop leaning on alcohol or drugs to soothe distress and anxiety. During your LST program, you’ll deconstruct the misconceptions created by addiction. You have to let go of your dependency on substances in order to make better decisions and find healthier ways to manage stress.


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