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Teenage Drug Addiction

Addiction is never pretty. However, teenage drug addiction is particularly disturbing. The numbers, when it comes to teenage drug addiction, can be deceiving. This is due in part to the decrease over the last several years of drug abuse among teens. Also, it is in part because of the lower statistics being reported as a result of decreased abuse.

According to one report from the National Institute on Drug Abuse at about this time last year, young adults (18 to 25) reflected the highest rate of prescription drug abuse. That age bracket reported nonmedical use rates of more than 14 percent. For the still school-aged youth (12 to 17) those rates were just under 5 percent. That may not seem at first glance to be a very big number but a deeper look will reveal something else. Five percent in the context of one hundred or one thousand may not seem like much but in light of how many junior high and high schools? Now that number becomes considerable and that means thousands of teenagers in harm’s way.

Dealing with Teenage Drug Addiction

There is no easy way to deal with teenage drug addiction. But there are answers, and help is available. Often, that help begins with teen addiction treatment New Hampshire parents and guardians can find at a quality rehab and recovery center. Young adult and teen drug addiction may not appear to be a big issue by way of statistics, but the reality is much different. Programs offering teen addiction treatment in New Hampshire can help. These programs can address young adult drug addiction before it is too late.

Helping Teens Recover

It doesn’t matter how we get there or how we find out, once we discover a teenage drug addiction, all that matters is getting help. Getting information, help, and answers are what parents, guardians, and the teens who are struggling with addiction need. It is also what these kids and their families will find at a quality drug rehab center.

If you are dealing with teenage drug addiction or have concerns about your teenager, then you need to reach out for help. The decline in teen drug use over the past several years has proven that help works. That is the kind of help our kids need, that parents want and that we all deserve.

Get Help for Your Teenager Today

If you know someone struggling with an addiction or abusing drugs, then it is time to take the first step. Recovery doesn’t happen by itself. Rather, recovery only happens by getting professional and experienced help, like the help we offer at Granite Recovery Centers.

Reach out and get the help you and your teenager need. Call the Granite Recovery Center at 855.712.7784 and begin the healing process today. We owe it to our children and they deserve every opportunity to live a life without dependence on drugs. We can help, call now.