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Writing My Daughter’s Obituary

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A few months ago, we sat down with Paige, a new mom and recent alumni of Granite Recovery Centers. Today, we hear from her father, Jason, who shares his perspective on his daughter’s recovery. –– “There was one point where, during her active addiction, I would think daily what am I going to write in her obituary?”

Jason: I thought something might have been going on, but of course I wanted to pretend like it wasn’t. But in the end, it was a problem. This person wasn’t my daughter; this wasn’t my Paige. She was having trouble in school. And that’s when, basically, everything went bad.

And then, drug rehab…

She went in as a monster, basically. It was the drugs that had taken over her body and brain and when she came out, she was the person that I knew from years prior.

She did tell me that “it was a tough rehab, they made you do a lot of work”. I said, “That’s great. That means, hopefully, it’ll work for you”.

We’d speak once a week. I went up and visited her a few times, but I wanted her to get the help. I didn’t want to be the one interfering with that, so I let her know I cared, but at the same point, I wanted her to get the help that she needed.

And now, it’s a night and day difference

And it’s only gotten better since then. She has a good job. She has a young daughter. I never thought she’d live long enough to have a daughter. I’m so thankful that that’s changed. I never thought I’d be a grandfather at my age either, but it’s all good. It’s just so nice to see her and have her alive: it’s a night and day difference.

People say there’s a plan for everybody. People go through bad things for a reason and I definitely think she went through this for a reason. I think we all went through it for a reason. Call Granite Recovery and listen to them and trust them. ‘Cause they will help you. I’m living proof that there is help no matter what.

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