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How to Have a Sober Thanksgiving

The holidays are often a time of fun and joy for many. However, many people with addictions fall off the wagon during this time. Sober Thanksgivings in Boston, MA are particularly tough. If you want a sober Thanksgiving this year, you must work hard to achieve it. The following tips can help you stay dry and sober for Thanksgiving in Cambridge this year. And following them will help you stay clean as a whistle for life. Thankfully, help from a drug and alcohol rehab center in NH can help if you do relapse.

The Holidays May Trigger Drug Abuse

Studies have found that holidays often trigger substance abuse. The reasons for this triggering behavior are many. First, people spend time with family and friends. Often, they haven’t seen these people in a while and indulge themselves. Thanksgiving is a particularly rough time for this abuse.

In other cases, many people feel depression and anxiety during the holidays. Loved ones often pass away during these cold months, which may cause bad memories and emotions in others. Whatever the cause, a sober Thanksgiving in Boston, MA is often hard for many to obtain.

How to Have a Sober Thanksgiving

Addiction doesn’t have to ruin your holiday. And Thanksgiving doesn’t have to trigger substance abuse. The connection between these two can be severed with work and dedication. A focus on sobriety requires you to take many steps this Thanksgiving. Any time that you attend a party, you need to focus on these tasks. While other sobriety methods are available, these may be the easiest:

  • Meditate before your trip – use holistic therapy methods in Boston to prevent using drugs
  • Try a Cambridge 12-step program – Visit Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous to stay focused
  • Bring a sober buddy – Take a friend who is sober to any Thanksgiving party you attend
  • Stay well-fed – Fill up on delicious foods to make drug or alcohol abuse unappealing
  • BYOD – Take non-alcoholic drinks to a party and have only them
  • Keep celebrations small – Don’t do anything huge but instead have a small party at home
  • Be a designated driver – Agree to drive someone to a party who plans on drinking

These simple steps can help you celebrate a sober Thanksgiving from alcohol. Drug use may be a bit more challenging, though. After all, you can’t BYOD for cocaine or marijuana. However, these steps may be modified to manage a drug addiction. And, if necessary, you may want to consider professional help at a Cambridge drug rehab center. Experts can help you reaffirm your sobriety. They can also provide a helping hand if you do relapse.

When to Get Help

Sometimes, a sober Thanksgiving in Cambridge requires a little outside help. Addiction has a way of taking over a life. Therefore, without professional advice, you may feel stuck and unable to recover. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case. Rehab experts can guide you out of addiction and back into sobriety. Not everyone needs this care, but many with addictions will. You may want to get professional help if you:

  • Can’t control your intake of alcohol
  • Feel like a relapse is possible on the holidays
  • Know someone in your family who may trigger your abuse
  • Notice depression and anxiety on this holiday
  • Relapse before you even go to Thanksgiving
  • Experience fear and frustration before your visit

Getting high-quality drug and alcohol rehab treatment in Boston, MA may be necessary for you. If you have already gone through rehab, another stint might help. And if you haven’t, you may want to consider it. Detoxification helps to identify your addiction triggers. Then, it roots them out and manages them appropriately. You can get holistic care to control every element of your abuse. And you can then walk away from addiction for good. These benefits are too high to ignore.

Let Us Guide You to Sobriety

If you think that you need help with your sober Thanksgiving in Cambridge, please call 855.712.7784 today. At Granite Recovery Centers, we have years of experience with addiction therapy. We offer detox, residential, and outpatient therapy. With holistic care options, we treat all levels of your addiction. And we provide a comfortable and caring place to recover. Check online reviews, and you’ll find that we provide the best care possible for your needs. Contact Granite Recovery Centers to start today!

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