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Tips for Having a Sober Christmas

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christmas sober holiday addiction relapseWith the holidays right around the corner, many people in recovery may face some difficult days ahead. Around the holidays, people who have a history of substance use often struggle at this time of year. However, with the right support and structure in your life, you can have a sober Christmas and New Year.


Why Are the Holidays Difficult For Those in Recovery?

When thinking about the struggles of having a sober Christmas, it’s essential to address why people find it hard during this time of year. By understanding the difficulties of the season, you will be better able to overcome them.

Some people find it challenging during this time of year because of the festive nature of the season. There are more holiday parties, evening events, and get-togethers, all of which may involve drinking or recreational drugs.

Another reason some people find it hard to have a sober Christmas is that it can bring back difficult memories or feelings of loneliness. People may use substance abuse to escape hurtful emotions.


How To Have a Sober Christmas

Even in the midst of these potential difficulties and temptations, you can have a sober Christmas. It may take a bit of extra work, focus, and commitment, but it’ll pay off in the end.

First, if you’re not involved with a Relapse Prevention Program, now is the time to get involved. By participating in a program with others who are feeling the same as you, you will maintain your focus and gain friendships too.

Another important thing to do during the holidays is to watch out for triggers. You can learn about what your triggers are during therapy sessions. Once you understand your temptations, you will be able to avoid them better.

Finally, take some quality time and pamper yourself. You will feel much stronger and healthier when you put self-care at the top of your Christmas list. In fact, treating yourself to something special and healthy will help you have a sober Christmas.


Find Hope This Christmas at Granite Recovery Centers

Find all the resources and help you need when you join the rehab family at Granite Recovery. Our premium facility and compassionate staff make for the perfect place to begin your healing journey. At Granite, we aim to make your stay personable and uplifting. Our friendly staff is equipped to guide you through the recovery process and beyond.

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Programs at Granite Recovery

We offer a range of detox options designed to fit the specific needs of our clients. Some of these offerings include:

Don’t let the holidays be a lonely time that leads back to addictive behavior. You can overcome your problems and have a sober Christmas with quality treatment. Call us today at 855.712.7784 , and we’ll help you through this difficult time.