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Substance abuse as an epidemic has been steadily increasing in the past several decades and has created quite a worrisome trend. The prevalence of prescription opiates has led to novel types of drug abuse and an increase in pain killer dependency. Combined with a consistent problem with illicit drug use and overconsumption of alcohol, substance abuse is common throughout the United States.

As a result, there has been a similar trend with the prevalence of overdoses. Some half a million individuals overdosed in America in the last 10 years and died from their overdose. The most tragic part of this epidemic is that overdose is preventable, and drug addiction is treatable with the appropriate interventions.

Drug abuse should not be a death knell for anyone. With timely intervention, even severe addicts have the opportunity to make a life-altering reversal of their situation. There is help available, and it’s important to know what your options are if you or a loved one is in a situation to need this assistance.

Risks of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse can be seriously detrimental to your health with the obvious worst-case scenario being death due to overdose or some other complication. Certain drugs such as amphetamines can react with anesthesia or other standard drugs and cause respiratory failure or other issues.

Drug use is also a clear contributor of liver and kidney failure, just as alcohol can cause cirrhosis. Substance abuse can harm your body in countless ways and can even cause lasting damage such as cancer or neurological disorders.

An additional risk of substance abuse is the psychological damage it wreaks on a person’s mind. Long-term mental disorders can be caused or encouraged by drug and alcohol use, most prominently depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. The risks associated with these illnesses are severe on their own but are much worse in combination with the risks of substance abuse.

Benefits of Rehabilitation Services

Fortunately, rehabilitation services are available in and around New Bedford, Massachusetts, to discourage these behaviors and help you back toward a normal, well-adjusted life. Rehab is not just for people who have narrowly avoided death due to overdose. In fact, it is recommended for everyone who abuses substances in any way because it can help solve the deeper issues at the root of your abuse.

Doctors and psychiatrists agree that substance abuse is never really about the drug: It is instead a vessel or method of choice for dealing with other problems that an individual has. Many times, people who successfully escape drug addiction without proper treatment will end up latching onto something else to use as a coping mechanism. That’s why rehabilitation clinics exist to promote healthy lifestyles and a sustainable return from addiction.

There are three primary functions of rehabilitation:

  • Separation is removing the patient from the presence of drugs or alcohol. This is done by either physically separating the person from their daily life in order to prevent them from contacting drugs or alcohol or by putting safeguards and accountability in place so that they have no opportunity to truly abuse those substances.
  • Medical detoxification is thorough cleansing process during which toxins are flushed from the system. This takes weeks to months and can be extremely unpleasant due to the effects of withdrawal. Medical supervision is extremely beneficial because physicians can help to alleviate the symptoms and provide guidance through the whole process. Granite Recovery Centers provides medical detoxification for people who do not need immediate medical intervention, are not a danger to themselves, and are capable of self-evacuation in the event of an emergency.
  • Therapeutic remediation is the most important part of the process. The remedy comes from the mind much more so than the body. Counselors and other aides will help establish coping techniques to prevent reliance on drugs later on. Additionally, they will help with exercise, meditation and communication so that your body and mind are healthier and you are able to cope in other ways.

Types of Rehabilitation Facilities

There are many different types of rehabilitation facilities in the New Bedford area, but they provide the same basic services. Primarily, they want to medical assistance, such as safer medications to slowly wean you off the drugs upon which you are dependent, frequent drug testing to ensure that you are following the program and other detoxifying measures. Additionally, they serve as counselors and sources of encouragement and accountability to help you make the necessary changes to get back on your feet. Finally, they offer you additional resources such as exercise and yoga techniques to improve your body and mind and learn to cope without the use of dangerous drugs or alcohol.

  • Inpatient rehabilitation is the most well-known type of rehabilitation facility. These centers take an individual and place them in a secure and comfortable facility to help them learn to cope. Professionals address their psychological issues in a relaxing environment so that addicted individuals can break their bond with substance abuse.
  • Outpatient rehabilitation is a broad term to describe any rehabilitation that does not take place inside a residential facility. The patients will return to a hospital or care center for drug testing and medical treatment, but the majority of the care and counseling is done at the patient’s house or another place.
  • Residential treatment is a type of outpatient therapy that takes place inside the patient’s home. This is the least disruptive type of rehab as it doesn’t remove the individual from their house or daily routine. While there are obvious benefits to this, it has a severe risk of relapse because the patient is still engaged in the behaviors that they once associated with substance abuse.
  • Recovery housing is another type of outpatient therapy. This therapy typically takes place at a group home that makes rehabilitation somewhat easier. The consistent presence of others trying to overcome addiction offers the same benefits of an inpatient facility while also allowing patients to maintain some of the pieces of their normal life throughout treatment.

Rehabilitation Centers Near New Bedford, Massachusetts

If you or a loved one is in need of addiction treatment, these facilities may offer the help you need.

Green Mountain Treatment Center in Effingham, New Hampshire, houses one of the most scenic treatment centers in New England. Green Mountain Treatment Center is the picture of beauty and tranquility, offering a chance for patients to escape worrisome lives to a setting of peace and harmony so that they can ease themselves into recovery and rehabilitation. This sprawling facility offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains as well as an apple orchard and plenty of verdant acreage to explore.

Green Mountain Treatment Center utilizes individualized treatment plans for each patient to ensure efficacy. With specified case managers, physicians, administrators and more, the staff is able to curate personalized versions of typical 12-step programs to suit every situation as well as possible. In addition, we have curated a client-to-client program that acts as a mentor situation where clients who are further along in their program are paired up with newer patients. These bonds help each patient to learn and teach individually, allowing them to experience the process full circle. It has been shown through numerous studies that enabling patients to teach others gives them a sense of ownership and resolve as they are acting to set an example and guide others.

In concert with the traditional 12-step therapies, we offer a full gym as well as yoga and meditation programs. This coordination of various exercises and therapies helps to strengthen the mind, body and spirit all at once and offers a holistic approach to achieving remission. It also helps teach patients new and healthier ways to cope when they return to their normal ways. Simply put, Green Mountain Treatment Center takes care of the entire patient, not just the addiction.

New Freedom Academy

Like Green Mountain Treatment Center, New Freedom Academy is an inpatient program that has established a renowned holistic approach and achieved impressive results when it comes to rehabilitating and encouraging cessation of drug use. This small facility houses 20 beds to maintain a very low client-to-clinician ratio. It has been shown that the more direct, one-on-one care a patient receives, the more likely they are to succeed through rehabilitation and achieve a healthy lifestyle after their return home.

New Freedom Academy focuses heavily on counseling and therapeutic measures to encourage rehabilitation in addition to the standard medical and intervention care offered by all facilities.

This facility specializes in one-on-one therapy, which is aided by the low volume of clients compared to doctors and clinicians available. This therapy helps address serious issues and puts more focus on the underlying psychological reasons behind addiction and substance abuse. By addressing these issues and teaching the patients how to cope appropriately, the clinicians equip the patients with all they need to achieve successful rehabilitation and live a life free of drug abuse in the future.

Process group therapy is also a major focal point, allowing patients to resolve issues together and create a sense of community and accountability. By working together to achieve results, these patients form bonds that will help them once they are finished with their inpatient rehabilitation experience, and the importance of these connections cannot be overstated.

Similar to Green Mountain Treatment Center, New Freedom Academy approaches rehabilitation from a holistic standpoint and encourages fitness, exercise and mental acuity to achieve remission and encourage lasting change. Yoga, meditation and fitness classes are performed daily to strengthen the patients’ bodies and minds and give them lasting coping techniques to use when they return home.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation FAQs

  • What is a 12-step program? A 12-step program goes through an evidence-based structure to achieve results and encourage lasting change in your life. Starting with admission and accountability, a 12-step program goes through a sequence of vital steps to bring about true and lasting rehabilitation from substance abuse. The results of these programs are well-documented and scientifically backed, making them our best options for helping transform your life from addiction to recovery and health.
  • What happens at a rehabilitation facility? A rehabilitation facility takes someone struggling with addiction and puts them in a targeted, separate environment where they are free from the influence of drugs and alcohol. You will go through daily exercises for both physical and mental improvements while also attending therapy and counseling sessions to learn how to cope with substance abuse and prevent relapse.
  • How do I pay for rehabilitation? Many insurance policies will cover rehabilitation to an extent. You can verify whether your insurance will cover the inpatient services online or by speaking with your insurance provider. Additionally, for those who cannot cover the cost, there may be independent options that you can pursue for out-of-pocket expenses.
  • How long does treatment last? Rehabilitation typically lasts for one to three months. Though the treatments vary, inpatient services will usually take 30, 60, or 90 days and include thorough treatment, psychological evaluation and relaxation techniques to help the patients improve their outlook on life. Treatment focuses on removing the drugs from their system and helping them separate themselves from drugs and other substance abusers in their daily life.

Finding Addiction Treatment Near You

Rehabilitation is possible, and the resources are at hand. If you or a loved one is looking for a chance to start fresh and have a new life free from addiction and substance abuse, contact one of these facilities today. The support and care we provide is focused on well-being, and we hope to help you achieve lasting rehabilitation.

The dangers of overdose and substance abuse are too serious to ignore and too preventable to be left unchecked. Come visit us and see what we can offer to help you through your struggles. Rehabilitation is a fresh start and an opportunity at new life that is made all the easier with the help of trained and experienced doctors and clinicians. Our staff can help treat you and teach you new ways to interact with your everyday life, making you stronger and healthier in the long run.