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Haverhill, Massachusetts is a large city located 35 miles north of Boston. It borders New Hampshire and is a short drive to the Atlantic Ocean, making it a desirable town for those who want a mix of city and suburban life. Haverhill was known for its place in the shoe-making industry for much of the 18th and 19th century, and to this day has restored the wool mills and tanneries from yesteryear into condominiums and apartment complex, keeping the historical aesthetic well and alive.

Also known as the “Queen Slipper City,” Haverhill has experienced its share of difficulty with drug and alcohol use. In recent years, they have experienced many drug overdoses and high rates of alcoholism. There were 904 fatal overdoses in Essex County from 2016-2018, and the last recorded for Haverhill was 25 in 2018.

Are you struggling with substance use disorder? Is your loved one in that situation? If you live in Haverhill, Massachusetts, some of the best addiction treatment facilities are in the surrounding areas. You can seek treatment at our high-quality rehab centers, NFA Behavioral Health and Green Mountain Treatment Center. Read on to get more insights about the facilities and how they can be of assistance to your recovery journey.

Overview of Addiction Statistics in Massachusetts

Numbers show that Massachusetts is among the top 10 states that lead to substance abuse. According to the state’s Department of Public Health, there were 1,952 opioid-related overdose deaths in 2019. Additionally, addiction to heroin is a major issue that affects ages 26 to 30. There were 35,593 admissions in rehabilitation centers due to heroin addiction in 2017. When it comes to cocaine, the city recorded 3,892 people who entered rehab facilities for treatment that year.

Alcoholism is another form of abuse that is making waves in the state. Statistics show that 11,921 people who entered rehab admitted alcohol as their primary addiction.

It’s no secret that prescription drugs are also widely misused in Massachusetts and across the United States. Some of the commonly abused medications are Vicodin, Methadone and Oxycodone. They go hand in hand with opiates as a significant cause of overdoses.

How to Get Help

Now that you’ve seen the data, you know that you are not alone. You can get effective treatment through a rehab facility near you. At NFA Behavioral Health and Green Mountain Treatment Center, we offer rehab services for both alcohol and drug abuse to patients. You only need to book an appointment online or call us to get more details.

Your loved ones can accompany you to the rehab center for diagnosis and treatment. During the evaluation, you need to be honest about the substance that you’ve been abusing. Additionally, you will inform our specialists about the duration of the use and whether you combine it with other drugs or alcohol. There will be blood tests to give a proper assessment of the substances in your body as well.

Afterward, you can choose a treatment option that works for you according to your lifestyle and severity of the addiction. You might opt to stay in the facility 24/7 or decide to go home and attend regular doctor’s appointments. If you become a resident at an inpatient facility, you’ll have the chance to establish new connections by having meaningful friends. They will help you attain the goal of beating addiction and remaining sober.

Why You Need to Get Help

For starters, addiction leads to mental health problems among many people. For this reason, you need help to overcome the disease of addiction before it takes a toll on you. Early treatment is designed to help prevent you from feeling unhappy and hopeless all the time. What’s more, medication can help alleviate suicidal thoughts that patients might experience.

If you have a family, the chances are high that relationships have become strained or broken due to substance abuse. On that account, it is a golden chance to get back to your family. The best approach is to apologize for hurting them and vow to take the treatment seriously. You will need them during your recuperation to show love and support.

Addiction often leads to job loss since you can’t focus on doing the tasks that you need to get an income. Hence, you need help to get back on track and earn a decent salary to uplift your life. If you lost a job, your treatment program may help you find new employment. If you are self-employed, the recovery process allows you to resume your business.

If you have dropped out of school due to addiction, effective treatment can help you retrace your steps back to learning. In the end, you can earn your college degree and get into the job market. Take this as an opportunity to have a prosperous life away from drugs and alcohol.

Your overall health is usually affected when you take excess alcohol and drugs. On that account, rehab professionals will typically put you on a balanced diet and recommend an exercise program so that you can get healthy again.

Types of Treatment

Residents of Haverhill, Massachusetts, have access to different types of treatments that suit their needs and preferences. Have a look at them in detail.

  • Inpatient Treatment: It is commonly known as residential treatment that involves living in the rehab center. Therefore, you will need to put aside work and school during this time. You will not have access to addiction triggers such as bars, clubs or friends who abuse drugs and alcohol. It is an intensive program that requires all your discipline and concentration to get over addiction. The process ranges from weeks to months depending on how you respond to treatment.
  • Partial Hospitalization: As the name implies, you will live at home partly and also get admitted to a clinic for a few hours. It might be seven to eight hours of admission during the day, but at night, you can go back home. It works well if you have a loving and supportive family waiting for you at home. In other terms, you can call it day treatment since you can visit professionals for help during the day.
  • Outpatient Treatment: This involves getting treatment based on your work or school schedule. It requires follow-up to prevent you from any relapses. You can continue with your regular life as you undergo the process and visit a health center so that clinicians can monitor your progress. There is no admission to this type of treatment.
  • Sober Living Homes: These are homes that you share with other recovering individuals. If you don’t have a family or you feel like your house will lead to a relapse, sober living homes may be the best option. You get to make new friends and heal together by sticking to your objectives.

Techniques Used in Treatment

During treatment, you will go through some steps to help you to heal completely. The first method is detox, which involves getting substances out of your system. You will probably be uncomfortable, but professionals will help you through the process. They will manage the withdrawal symptoms to make sure that you are safe. Granite Recovery Centers provides medical detoxification for people who do not need immediate medical intervention, are not a danger to themselves, and are capable of self-evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Some facilities also administer medication to counter withdrawal symptoms that you will experience. Medications may help those who are suffering from depression and also impede the chances of relapsing to the cravings.

Behavioral counseling is another approach to get you on the recovery path. It comes in many forms, such as individual, family and group therapy. During the sessions, you will share your experiences and how you are working to achieve your goal. It also entails reconciliation and getting well through talk therapy.

From time to time, your treatment team will do follow-ups to make sure that you are doing well. Thus, you can expect calls that ask you to attend support groups in or near Haverhill. Some groups have online meetings that guide you on your journey to recovery.

What Green Mountain Treatment Center and NFA Behavioral Health Offer

Finding the right rehab facility to meet your needs can be tricky. However, our staff will have your best interests at heart to help you select the right program. Have a look at features you can expect.

  • Serene and Picturesque Location: Our facilities are in a tranquil environment away from the noise of the city. As you relax, you can view the amazing trees and landscapes that make you appreciate nature. It is the perfect place for you to heal and focus on your medication.
  • Gender-Separate Programs and Accommodation: We offer separate programs that will meet your needs depending on your gender. This way, you will feel more comfortable as you talk about what you went through. Plus, you can use various amenities like washrooms and toilets with utter convenience. We intend to make your stay as relaxing as possible.
  • 12-Step Curriculum: Professionals will take you through 12 steps to ensure that you confront and overcome the cause of your addiction. The process is comprehensive for all patients regardless of their treatment plans. We host individual and group therapies to give you the optimal help. The 12 steps will bring a change in your life in the facility and after you get discharged, too.
  • Licensed and Caring Staff: You can expect compassionate care from our staff members who have undergone intensive training. They bring a wealth of experience that you can benefit from as a patient. They will treat you with compassion and empathy as you detox. During your stay at the facility, you will feel at home since our team will give all the support that you need.
  • Nutritious Meals: Our chefs will prepare sumptuous meals to make your stay more enjoyable. The foods are packed with minerals and vitamins to help you regain a healthy body and mind.
  • Monitored Facilities: We have adequate staff to attend to you all times of day and night. Thus, you don’t have to worry about a shortage when you need medical attention. Our staff is available for you around the clock. In terms of facilities, we have state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate your comfort.
  • Exercises and Outdoor Activities: Your mind needs a break to connect with the outside world sometimes. To this end, you will be able to participate in activities such as golf outings, paintball and bowling. We also have gyms to ensure that you can get fit through workouts. Perhaps you can try yoga to boost your meditation skills and have a relaxed mind.
  • Educational Programs and Workshops: These are integral features that make our clinics a place where you can learn as you heal. We include your family during the sessions to boost awareness of how they can help you once you leave the establishment. Your loved ones will guide you in case you get tempted to slip back to your old ways. You will also learn tips that improve your life as a whole.
  • Mental Health Treatment: We specialize in treating mental health issues that recur among our patients. In the end, you will have a sound mind, spirit and body. We analyze the root cause to get you on the effective medication that speeds up your healing process.

If you feel stuck in a pattern of addiction, help is available.