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Fitchburg Addiction Treatment Resources

Fitchburg is situated in Worcester County and is the third-largest city in the county. With a total of 28.1 square miles, Fitchburg is an area of Massachusetts that is divided into multiple neighborhoods. Although Fitchburg is considered a safe place to raise families, it, like so many other cities in Massachusetts, has a dark secret. Drugs and alcohol have made their way into Fitchburg. Instead of treating addicts as social pariahs, the city of Fitchburg is bringing the subject of substance use disorder to the light, so it is talked about and better understood.

Addiction Knows No Bounds

Addiction is a far-reaching societal problem that affects people of all ages and walks of life. Although it starts with simple usage, addiction eventually takes over a person’s life, rendering him or her unable to cope with the basics of day-to-day survival. If you or a loved one is dealing with an addiction, it is important to know there is hope. You no longer have to suffer alone or in silence.

Massachusetts: Statistics About Drug Use

Massachusetts rates as one of the top ten states for opioid drug overdoses. According to the state’s Department of Public Health, there were 1,952 opioid-related overdose deaths in 2019.

Fitchburg is not immune to the drug problem that is plaguing the state. In 2017, 10,964 addicts sought recovery services in Worcester County.

Although there is certainly an opioid problem in Fitchburg, this is not the only source of addiction. From legal to illegal drugs and alcohol, there are many addictions that plague this area. If you are addicted to drugs, it is important to realize seeking professional recovery services is the most effective means of overcoming substance use disorders. With professional help, you can overcome the constraints that are keeping you bound to addiction.

What Are the Signs of Substance Use Disorder?

When someone first starts using drugs, he or she may be able to hide the habit quite well. As time goes on, the addiction becomes more evident. These are some signs that are exhibited when a person suffers from substance use disorder:

  • Feeling strong feelings of withdrawal when you attempt to stop
  • Experiencing overwhelming urges to use that prevent you from being able to focus
  • Neglecting your responsibilities in favor of using
  • Changing behaviors and moods
  • Forgetting what happened during periods of drug or alcohol use
  • Failing to be able to stop on your own
  • Continuing to use drugs even though they are causing physical and psychological harm

If you are experiencing any of the above feelings or actions, seeking professional recovery services is essential. It can be difficult and even deadly to attempt to stop using without professional intervention.

Why Should You Seek Professional Help?

While it may be tempting to try and quit your drug habit cold turkey, this is not recommended. As a part of rehab services, addicts go through medical detox to help them safely and effectively get the drugs out of their systems. Depending on the heaviness of the drug use and the types of drugs used, a person can sometimes experience withdrawal symptoms that are dangerous to go through without medical monitoring and support. Granite Recovery Centers provides medical detoxification for people who do not need immediate medical intervention, are not a danger to themselves, and are capable of self-evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Seeking professional recovery services allows you to learn about the disease of addiction and the underlying mental health issues that may be contributing to your substance use disorder. Once you are educated, you will be better equipped to face your condition head-on.

Another reason for seeking treatment from a drug and alcohol treatment facility is support. You will have access to both medical professional and peer support to help you with your addiction.

How to Get Addiction Help

Once you realize there is a true problem with drug or alcohol use, it is important you learn as much as possible about your options for treatment. The addiction must be addressed with deliberate honesty.

When getting help for your addiction, you must be forthright with the details. Treatment center staff members need to know how long you have been using and what. This is not the time to feel shame although that is a common emotion felt by many individuals battling with substance use disorder.

These professionals consistently hear stories like yours, and they want to help. There are a few types of programs in the Fitchburg area. Having an understanding of the options is important for being able to make a wise decision.

Long-Term Residential Programs

A residential program is the program of choice for those who have severe addiction problems and those dealing with substance use disorder coupled with underlying mental health conditions.

Most long-term residential treatment programs last around six months, but they can extend up to a year, depending on the needs of the individual. In this type of program, you will live at the facility during treatment, eating and sleeping there. These programs offer a range of treatment options and opportunities for education.

Short-Term Residential Options

These brief, yet intense residential programs are typically modeled after the twelve-step modality of treatment. Individuals are usually hospitalized for three to six weeks and then undergo an intensive outpatient treatment program. Once they graduate from the program, they are encouraged to participate in self-help and support groups for continued help.

Partial Hospital Programs

Not everyone can afford the costs of a fully residential program, and many have jobs and familial responsibilities that prevent them from seeking treatment. For these people, there are partial hospital programs.

In a partial hospital program, individuals are able to go home and sleep in their own beds at night. They report to the hospital and stay there during a specific time period during the day to receive treatment.

This type of program is often used to help addicts who have gone through detox or even rehab and who need further intervention to ensure they are able to abstain from drug use as they go back into society. Partial hospital programs are also ideal for those who may not need 24-hour intensive treatment yet require more structure than what is offered in an outpatient setting. Partial hospital treatment is very similar to residential treatments with the main difference being how long the individual stays.

Outpatient Treatment Options

Outpatient programs are considered low-intensity and offer more drug and alcohol education than intensive treatment. Although they are the least intensive of the treatment options, they can still offer success, especially for those who only have a mild addiction or who have not been taking drugs for a long time.

The type of treatment program you choose should be based on your individual needs and financial situation. Do not allow financial constraints to prevent you from seeking help for your substance use disorder. Fitchburg, Massachusetts, offers many resources that are aimed at helping low-income individuals find the drug and alcohol treatment they need.

What Should You Look for in a Treatment Program?

Choosing the right rehab program is essential for successfully beating your addiction. You should never rush the process. Research will allow you to learn more about the facilities in the Fitchburg area so you can make the best choice for your treatment needs. Consider the following when making a choice:

  • What is the facility’s track record? The percentage of success is an important number to know. Although no treatment facility can offer 100% success, the percentages should be as high as possible.
  • What is the treatment approach? There is no one-size-fits-all approach to rehab. There are many ways to treat substance use disorders. Researching the different approaches to treatment, such as the 12-step model, will help you to decide which rehab center will offer what you need.
  • Are there any amenities? Rehab programs range from basic accommodations to luxurious ones. Determine what amenities are most important to you and choose a facility that offers them. In addition to considering the amenities, it is also important to learn about the location and all it offers.

Although many people prefer to seek treatment as close to home as possible, looking to surrounding states often leads to more options. Sometimes, people find it easier to go through the program when they are away from the distractions of family, friends, and their old neighborhood hangouts.

Green Mountain Treatment Center

While you have many choices for rehab in Fitchburg and the surrounding states, the Green Mountain Treatment Center is one of the best. Green Mountain Treatment Center realizes addicts are all different and must be treated as such. We focus on offering individualized treatment options in a peaceful setting that is conducive to stress relief and healing.

With rolling hills, sweet mountain air, and a host of apple trees, Green Mountain Treatment Center is an idyllic place to seek rehab. Green Mountain offers treatments that revolve around the 12-step model, along with medically supervised detox and holistic complementary therapies.

Green Mountain is in-network with most major insurance providers. It offers gender-separate accommodations and treatment for any co-occurring mental health conditions.

New Freedom Academy

New Freedom Academy is located on 17 private acres of wooded landscape. The facility houses 20 beds and provides 24/7 on-site medical support. The program operates on evidence-based forms of treatment for addiction and any underlying mental health conditions.

With a holistic approach to rehab, New Freedom Academy excels because of a small client-to-staff ratio so each individual gets the individualized attention that he or she needs. There are always activities to participate in, and they are all conducive to recovery.

The surroundings of the rolling hills offer a peaceful setting where individuals can get away from it all and finally address their addictions and its causes. New Freedom offers a range of treatment options and even fun activities that increase peer morale and that encourage participants to help one another with their addiction struggles.

You Do Not Have to Fight Addiction Alone

Often, individuals remain silent about their addiction problems because they are ashamed to admit they are facing substance use disorder. In any treatment approach, being able to admit you have a problem is the first step. People who cannot admit that they have a problem and want help will likely not succeed until they realize they cannot quit the substance alone.

With so many rehab treatment options in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, there is no reason for anyone to fight this disease alone. Once you realize treatment is necessary, the first step will be likely medical detox process.

It is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to focus on rehab with drugs or alcohol in your system. A person entering treatment must be of sound mind and body. Getting the drugs and alcohol out of your system will allow you to think clearly and to be able to focus with full clarity.

Bottom Line

There should be no shame in admitting that you or a loved one has a problem with drugs or alcohol. You are not alone. According to the Surgeon General, one in seven people develops a substance use disorder.

It just takes one step to get started. Getting professional help will give you the support you need to maintain your drive, focus, and determination as you go through the program. Recovery does not happen overnight, just as your substance use disorder did not develop in one day.

With a clear focus and the right program, you can overcome the constraints of your addiction to drugs and alcohol. This is a manageable disease, and you can beat it with the right treatment approach.