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Situated along the coast of Maine, Scarborough is a resort area known for its beautiful, natural environment. At the same time, it has a flourishing business community thanks to its proximity to Portland. Though Scarborough might seem idyllic, it has not escaped the drug and alcohol abuse problems present throughout much of Maine. If you or a loved one in Scarborough is struggling with substance abuse problems, there is still plenty of hope. The right treatment and care can help you break the cycle of addiction and rebuild your life.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Scarborough

Maine may have a low population, but it has extremely high rates of drug and alcohol addiction. 2019 statistics estimate that roughly 19.4% of adults report to drink excessively, and 3% of the entire population reports usage of illicit drugs other than marijuana. Government officials in Scarborough have recognized the problem and are taking steps to address it. The city’s police department has a new program called Operation HOPE where people can visit the department and ask for help with their substance use disorder. This allows them to get free treatment instead of facing arrest.

There are many types of addiction faced by the residents of Scarborough. Alcohol might be legal, but it is one of the biggest problems. Another major problem in the Scarborough region is the use of opioids, such as heroin and prescription painkillers. Maine is currently one of the top 20 states with the highest amount of opioid-related deaths. The rising overdose rates in Maine over the past few years seem to be linked to fentanyl, a highly toxic synthetic opioid that is often added to heroin or other drugs. In addition to struggles with alcohol and opioids, Scarborough residents face addiction from cocaine, methamphetamine and several other dangerous drugs.

How to Tell If You Have an Addiction

When does problematic substance use cross the line into an addiction? When a person is addicted to a substance, they undergo some distinctive mental and physical changes. First of all, the body develops a dependence on the drug or alcohol. This means that if you quit taking the substance for a few hours or days, you experience a lot of unpleasant health problems like fatigue, depression, anxiety, vomiting, hallucinations or even complications that can lead to death. People who are addicted to drugs also tend to have some unique behavioral patterns caused by their substance use disorder.

You may count as one of the many people in Scarborough who have an addiction if you recognize any of these signs of problematic substance abuse:

  • You want to stop using alcohol or drugs but cannot cut back when you try.
  • You find you have to take more and more to get the same effect.
  • You keep using drugs or alcohol even after experiencing clear and negative consequences of your drug abuse.
  • You spend almost all your time thinking about and using drugs.
  • You have gotten involved in risky, illegal or unethical behavior due to drug abuse.
  • You no longer have any interest in hobbies or pastimes you used to love.
  • You see anything, ranging from celebrations to stress, as an excuse to use the substance.
  • You feel angry or ashamed when people learn about you using the substance.
  • You neglect work, family, education, hygiene and other responsibilities to use drugs.

Making the Decision to Get Help

Just realizing that you or a loved one is dealing with addiction is the first step. Next, you need to tackle the task of actually choosing to get addiction treatment. To do this, you may need to consider all the negative consequences of drug addiction and think of the benefits you can receive by going to treatment. There are all sorts of advantages to getting help at a Scarborough addiction treatment center.

When you are not addicted to drugs, you will find it easier to manage your relationships, career and education. Stopping drug abuse also greatly improves your health and keeps you from suffering a potentially deadly overdose. Since you will no longer be spending excessive amounts of money on drugs or alcohol, you can end up saving quite a lot. Finally, treatment is important because it gives you your life back. Instead of focusing on nothing but obtaining and using drugs, you can work on improving yourself and finding joy through other means.

Once you have decided that you need to get help, it is time to consider your options. There are many types of rehab, and research has found that no specific rehab type is superior to others. Instead, the likelihood of success is all about finding a program you like and sticking with it. Each rehab type comes with its own pros and cons that may make it work for your situation. Here are some of the most common types of rehab you will encounter in Scarborough and the surrounding areas.

Medical Detox

Medical detox is a type of rehab that often takes place in a hospital or other health care setting. This rehab is mostly focused on helping people clear the drugs out of their system. When people first stop using a drug, they go into withdrawal because their body does not know how to work without the drug anymore. This is a very intense and physically unpleasant process, so it is best to undergo it in a place where you can get the care you need. Medically monitored detox ensures that professionals are on hand in case anything goes wrong. In addition to monitoring your vitals, medical staff can also provide IVs, anti-nausea medications, non-addictive painkillers and other treatments to help lessen the effects of withdrawal. Most people cannot completely beat their addiction just by going through detox, but it helps you get over the first and most intense step.

Residential Treatment Centers

The residential rehab centers in Scarborough, which are also called inpatient rehab facilities, are the most traditional type of rehab. You will check into a program and stay there for anywhere from four weeks to six months. You live in the rehab center all day, and you do not leave for work or school. This is the most intensive form of rehab, making it ideal for those with severe drug addictions. It helps get you out of old environments and break harmful patterns. While you live in the center, you can expect to take part in a wide range of therapies that help you manage cravings and find ways to control impulses. Many centers also provide recreational therapy, art classes, yoga and other programs designed to keep your mind off drugs and help you heal your mind and body.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

An outpatient program is a type of rehab that involves staying at your usual home during the night, going to work or school during the day, and visiting a rehab center for regular appointments. During these appointments, you can do all the typical rehab treatments like therapy and counseling. Outpatient treatment programs can be held in their own specific facility, or you may visit a center that also hosts residential rehab programs. There is a lot of flexibility in Scarborough’s outpatient treatment programs. Some are called intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization, and they provide hours of care every day. Others just require patients to visit the center a few times a week. This type of rehab is useful because you can customize it to fit your schedule. You get the help you need without having to completely alter your life.

Rehab Aftercare

Aftercare is essentially a type of outpatient treatment program that is useful in the later stages of recovery. It is a form of rehab that consists of occasional appointments with counselors and therapists. It is quite useful because the length of rehab is heavily linked to its overall rate of success. By continuing to get care for your drug addiction months after you first get clean, you can make sure you have support as you transition to a sober lifestyle. Some types of aftercare may help you find housing, jobs or other resources you need when trying to rebuild your life following addiction.

Granite Recovery Centers

Green Mountain Treatment Center is Granite Recovery Center’s flagship facility. This beautiful rehab center treats men and women over the ages of 18 in a pastoral, natural setting. Nestled between rolling hills and apple orchards are several gender-separate living facilities for residents, and we also offer outpatient programming for those in the later stages of recovery. Through the combination of 12-step programs, clinically proven therapies and medical detox, we can provide extensive care for those dealing with addiction. Green Mountain Treatment Center also offers a wide range of holistic therapies like yoga and exercise courses. The chef-prepared meals and onsite gym make your entire stay as pleasant as possible. This can help provide welcome recreation while you recover and assist you with getting rid of stress in a positive way.

New Freedom Academy has plenty of the same advantages as Green Mountain Treatment Center, along with the additional benefit of being much smaller. This facility only treats 20 patients at a time, so there are always plenty of staff members around to help out. We provide intensive, one-on-one individual therapy, including treatment for co-occurring mental disorders and grief and loss therapy. With access to weekly off-site family recover workshops, bowling, paintball and other outings, residents who want to explore outside our peaceful forested facility also have plenty of opportunities to see the surrounding region.

As you can see, there are effective rehab programs near Scarborough, Maine. The consequences of untreated addiction can be devastating, but sobriety is possible when you have the right help. Give us a call to find out more about what we have to offer.