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Enfield is a small Connecticut town with a population of 45,000. It’s perhaps most famous its largest employer, Lego, which has its headquarters in the town. In spite of the strong local economy and beautiful historic architecture, Enfield is no stranger to the drug problem that is common in Connecticut.

Statistics on Addiction in Enfield

In 2019, more than 484 residents of Enfield sought treatment for substance use disorder. The state of Connecticut had over 1,000 drug deaths that year. While the police department has worked hard to try to combat the drug problem, it has been growing in recent years. The most common drug that has been abused in this area is heroin. Since heroin is a painkiller, it is associated with the larger opioid crisis across the nation. Unfortunately, heroin is often laced with other drugs. For example, there has been an increase in drugs like Fentanyl being put in heroin. Just a small amount of this enhanced opioid can quickly kill a person. Other illegal drugs like cocaine are becoming more prevalent in this area as well. Since most narcotics are highly addictive, they often lead to substance use disorder. While not illegal, alcohol can also be addictive to those who abuse it.

If you are dealing with drug or alcohol addiction in the Enfield area, it’s important to seek help as soon as possible. Alcohol and drugs can wreck your body. For example, drugs can lead to issues with your liver, an increased cancer risk, and a diminished mental capacity. Alcohol also carries those same risks. In fact, both drugs and alcohol can literally poison the body and cause sudden death.

Making Sure You Get Help

Getting help should be your No. 1 priority when you are dealing with a substance use disorder. It’s extremely difficult to kick a drug or alcohol habit on your own. Of course, you may not feel like you have a problem. However, the longer that you go on using drugs or alcohol, the more likely you’ll experience side effects, health issues, and legal issues.

You should consider getting help if you feel like you cannot get away from drugs or alcohol. Perhaps you’re dealing with substances every day. Maybe your employment and relationships are suffering, or you’ve increased usage to the point where you’re experiencing blackouts. Seeking help will allow you to beat your addiction. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s impossible to get away from drugs and alcohol. With the proper support system, you’ll be able to rid yourself of the need for these substances. You must have the proper support system in place to ensure that you can beat your addiction.

Types of Treatment Available

For many people suffering from substance use disorder, it will be necessary to find a treatment facility. Such centers, which are staffed with experienced professionals, have great success rates in treating alcohol and drug addiction. It is also a good idea that you check out some of your local support groups in the Enfield area. A local support group will allow you to meet up with other people who have had the same struggles with drugs and alcohol. Such support is essential for achieving sobriety and avoid relapse.

Depending on your lifestyle and your level of addiction, you may choose outpatient or inpatient treatment. There are pros and cons to both options. For outpatient treatment, you will live at home but report to the clinic on a weekly schedule (usually 10-12 hours a week). This will allow you to maintain your daily routine and have access to your social circle. Outpatient is generally less expensive; however, it’s also less thorough and has lower success rates.

On the other hand, inpatient treatment requires the individual to actually live on-site at the treatment center for anywhere from one to six months. The resident will have 24-hour access to medical and emotional support. While you won’t have contact with friends and loved ones, this seclusion could be instrumental in overcoming substance use disorder.


No matter which type of treatment you choose, you’ll likely have to go through detoxification. This will be the first step to improving your health and overcoming a substance use disorder. Simply put, detox involves ridding your body of the addictive substance. As you go through the process, you’ll likely experience withdrawal symptoms. These include anxiety, trouble sleeping, shakiness, unstable heart rate, and even hallucinations. Since these side-effects can be dangerous, it’s best to detox under medical supervision. Doctors may be able to administer non-addictive drugs to help you get through the process. Granite Recovery Centers provides medical detoxification for people who do not need immediate medical intervention, are not a danger to themselves, and are capable of self-evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Finding the Right Rehab

If you live in Enfield, you may want to consider getting away from distractions and temptations as you receive treatment. Two of the most successful local rehab facilities, the Green Mountain Treatment Center and New Freedom Academy, take advantage of New Hampshire’s beautiful countryside. This serene environment can help ease the process of overcoming a substance use disorder.

Green Mountain Treatment Center

Green Mountain Treatment Center  is a well-regarded rehab facility run by Granite Recovery Centers. This rehab facility, which offers stunning views of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, takes men and women aged 18 and over. The center is secluded, making it a great location for those that need to recover from alcohol and drug addiction.

Green Mountain Treatment Center offers a gender-separate, 12-step program. Staff members will work closely with you to determine what is causing the problem as well as how to treat it. Psychotherapists will help you through this difficult time.

Green Mountain Treatment Center offers the following to help you on your goal to get healthy:

  • Individual treatment plans: Since every patient is unique, individualized treatment plans are necessary. There are master level clinicians, dedicated managers, administrative support staff, and 12-step facilitators. Your team will work closely with you from the time you enter the building. They’ll work hard to create a plan that will ensure your recovery.
  • Client-to-Client program: It’s not easy to enter a treatment facility. You are going to go through one of the biggest challenges that you’ve ever faced. The better that you know the facility, the better you will respond to treatment. When you get to Green Mountain, you will be paired with a client who is further along in the treatment program. These clients will help mentor you so that you’ll be better equipped to deal with the transition.
  • Medical detox: Green Mountain has a sub-acute medical detox facility. Staff members offer 24-hour monitoring as well as medications to help you through the process. Their licensed medical professionals are trained in addiction medicine and know how to help.
  • Holistic Therapies: Green Mountain understands that holistic therapies can work alongside other therapies to treat addiction. Staff members use experiential adventure therapy, exercise, yoga, meditation, and gym work. The belief is that engaging in these therapies will help to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit.

New Freedom Academy

New Freedom Academy is spread out over 17 acres in the town of Canterbury, New Hampshire. This beautiful location offers peace while you recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

The facility has just 20 beds, which means there’s more staff than residents. If you prefer to be treated in a more intimate setting, this is the rehab for you. The lower client ratio allows the staff to focus on your addiction recovery. This is a great option for those who do not want to have treatment in a larger facility. New Freedom Academy offers clinical practices based on science. The goal is to help you through your journey to becoming completely free of drug and alcohol addiction.

New Freedom Academy offers the following:

  • One-on-one therapy: Getting one-on-one attention from a therapist is important for your recovery. At first, you may not want to speak to a group of people. After working directly with a therapist, you may begin to open up.
  • Process groups: NFA offers process groups that can help you learn throughout the process to treat your addiction.
  • Mental disorders: It’s not uncommon for addiction to be accompanied by some form of a mental disorder. The professionals at New Freedom Academy understand the link between the two and can help residents address the root of their conditions.
  • Holistic therapies: These types of therapies include yoga, meditation, and physical exercise. You may not think that physical exercise will help, but studies have shown that it can release endorphins. Endorphins may help to increase self-confidence, improve your mental health, and reduce stress.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment: If you need medication to help treat the addiction problem, the clinicians at New Freedom Academy will be able to help you.
  • Family Recovery Workshops: Drug and alcohol addiction can destroy the family dynamic. At this facility, you will be able to go off-site to weekly workshops that can help you to work on improving relationships.
  • Workshops and educational programs: New Freedom Academy offers a broad variety of educational programs and workshops. This will help you to focus on something other than your addiction. The staff also plans may outings so that the residents can experience the beautiful local scenery.

If you are addicted to either drugs or alcohol, there are options available. You don’t have to go through this process alone. The sooner that you get help, the sooner you will be able to beat the addiction.