The adventure therapy program at The Granite House is designed for men in recovery. The program focuses on sports-focused experiential therapy techniques that many males may have an easier time drawing from than other types of programs. We cater these programs to make them appropriate for men of all ability and physical condition.

What is Experiential Therapy?

Experiential therapy is an alternative to traditional addiction therapy services. It uses physical movement, role playing, animal care, art, music, and other activities. This type of treatment helps people to recreate or re-experience thing that they went through in the past. Experiential therapy can help men access emotions they’ve hidden for a long time.

Experiential therapy is often used in cases of:

  • Trauma and substance abuse
  • Compulsive behaviors
  • Grief
  • Anger management
  • Behavior disorders
  • Eating disorders

In cases of trauma, men may repress feelings and are made hard to identify. Believe it or not, sports therapy will help you to access locked up emotions, and it can help you learn new skills to cope with the feelings that overwhelm you and cause you to abuse substances.

Also, experiential therapy can occur in numerous ways. It can happen in groups or individually, you can play with a group and then break out to do therapy in smaller groups or with one other person. This takes the experience and allows you to understand and process the emotions that you felt around it. People often find that they can come to terms with feelings they have been fighting with for long periods. It is pretty simple; some people cannot process and identify feelings on their own, and experiential therapy can help.

About Adventure Therapy

As a type of experiential therapy, adventure therapy can be a vital relationship-building tool. Often, when you get lost in a world of substance abuse, you can have a hard time forming relationships and utilizing them properly. Good relationships with people are a basic human need. This type of therapy can help you learn that skill again. In a sports setting, group therapy can take place during a game or after a game.

Lastly, depending on the activity, adventure therapy will take place in different ways after a particularly fierce competition. For instance, teammates may all sit around and talk about how the experience made them feel. One on one therapy can also take place after a challenging event or even team sport. Sometimes games will happen in a fashion where treatment takes place during them.

What to Expect at an Adventure Therapy Program

Our adventure therapy program helps men to better understand their emotional processes and learn new coping skills through activities.

The state of New Hampshire experiences all four seasons, some activities are seasonal and can include:

  • Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Hiking
  • Softball
  • Paintball
  • Basketball

Also, the Granite Recovery Centers programs are for people from all walks of life and all ages. If you would like to participate and have a physical disability you are more than welcome, please let us know what types of accommodations you will need. We are sure that you will find the Granite House suitable for all of your needs. Come for a visit and find out what adventure therapy for men is all about.

Contacting The Granite House

Experiential therapy can help clients to overcome substance abuse problems. Give us a call at 855.712.7784, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the program.