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The Granite House in Derry, NH is a residential extended care facility exclusively for men ages 18 and older. Set in Derry’s peaceful suburbia, our extended care program for men provides a structured and supportive environment for clients stepping down from primary drug rehab and who want to spend additional time in a sober environment. Patient schedules are informed by a three-phased program that focuses on working the 12 Steps, learning practical life skills, and preparing to reintegrate back into a fully independent life.

Early Recovery Benefits from Structured Extended Care

We serve a critical time between the end of primary rehab treatment and the start of independent living, the stage where many clients in early recovery are most challenged. Our extended care program forms a vital second step for clients who need time, 12-Step work reinforcement, continued therapeutic support, and a structured environment to safeguard themselves against relapse.

Extended care at The Granite House is a continuation of our 12-Step curriculum and features peer community support. Clients continue to work the actionable lessons of 12-Step immersion, life skill-building, and independent living exercises in order to ready themselves for life after treatment.

Our Three-Phased Program

Phase 1: Continued 12-Step Immersion and Clinical Treatment

In Phase 1, clients begin building a solid foundation for recovery with a full weekly schedule that includes 12-Step meetings and workshops. Clients also benefit from peer sponsorship, access to a gym, yoga, meditation, and other group activities.

Phase 2: Building Real World Life Skills

In Phase 2, life skill-building lessons and groups are introduced to teach concepts such as money and time management, resume building, employment and interviewing advice, and taking advantage of career opportunities.

Phase 3: Prepare for Independent Living

In Phase 3, lessons and skills are put to the test as clients are encouraged to implement them in real world experiences. Clients in Phase 3 take on regular work, run groups, mentor new residents, and participate in groups focused on developing additional life skills needed to re-enter mainstream society.

This three-phased approach challenges clients to meet multiple short-term goals in order to build the skills needed to achieve and sustain sobriety. Each success in discipline, decision-making, and problem-solving contributes to each client’s new self-concept, view of their potential, commitment to sobriety, and inner strength.

Holistic Therapies

Clients at The Granite House for Men participate in holistic activities including: meditation, yoga, and gym time. Indoor and outdoor sports and team-based activities are also a part of the schedule. Clients participate in experiential and adventure-based activities like hiking, skiing and snowboarding, rock-climbing, paintball games, bowling, and basketball. Team-based activities help build trust, strengthen peer community, and hone individual problem-solving skills, all of which strengthen the mind, body, and spirit of each client.

The Granite House Extended Care Program Offers:

  • 12-Step centered, 3-phased program for transitioning to independent living
  • Peer-oriented group sessions
  • Weekly house meetings
  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Experiential/adventure-based therapy
  • Big Book groups
  • Process groups
  • Goal setting groups
  • Alumni/sponsorship opportunities
  • Team-building events and activities
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Optional monitoring program