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Does Kratom get you high?

Kratom use continues to rise in popularity in the United States. It’s the next big thing coming out of Asia, and it is taking off.

It’s something many experts are keeping an eye on, including the FDA. One thing some people wonder is if kratom can get people high, which is what you’re going to learn about here. At Granite Recovery Centers, we know the answer, and there’s a lot to learn about this substance.

What Is Kratom?

Indigenous people from countries like Thailand and Malaysia have chewed on the leaves for generations. They do this to maintain their energy levels while working during the day. It became popular in these countries for this reason, and it’s gaining steam around the world.

Now, what is kratom? It’s just a leaf. It’s a botanical substance from a plant called Mitragyna speciosa. The plant is related to the coffee plant. Coffee can increase your energy levels, but you probably wouldn’t think any plant related to the coffee bean would get anyone high.

The reality is that this plant is a little stronger than coffee, and people can abuse it if they aren’t careful. Thailand, which is one of the areas it grows, considers kratom a controlled substance. It’s illegal there, which is something to consider. It has caused some concern in the States; the DEA has listed the substance as a “drug of concern.”

The problem is that most states allow the sale and distribution of kratom. There are a few exceptions but not enough to control the substance, even though there is some evidence it should be slightly controlled.

The way kratom is gaining popularity in the United States is part of the reason it’s something to keep an eye on. Our team at Granite Recovery Centers has talked to folks dealing with kratom substance use disorder, and most people see the substance as a supplement.

In the United States, health supplements are popular. People are zooming in on health, especially preventative health. This is the reason supplements like vitamins are so popular, as well as eating organic food. Folks are hungry for natural solutions to issues they’re dealing with, which is why kratom is becoming a thing in the U.S.

It goes beyond that, though. People have started to notice that kratom fights social anxiety, so it’s great for folks attending a party. Kratom may also help with pain management. This is something that many Americans are dealing with. Sadly, some people have no way to address these issues, and kratom is an affordable option. If kratom is pushed as nothing more than a supplement, then people are not going to pay attention to some of the things we’re worried about.

For kratom substance use disorder, people have to go through one of our many treatment programs to stop the dependence, but it’s not easy. Quitting once kratom becomes a habit is hard and the following are some side effects:

  • Some people experience mild to severe diarrhea as they attempt to stop taking it.
  • A few people experience a runny nose, sometimes accompanied by watery eyes.
  • People might experience nausea, and this could get pretty bad. It could lead to vomiting.
  • People might deal with temperature issues like hot flashes or uncontrollable sweating. Some users even experience tremors during the withdrawal period.
  • Muscle pain is a common withdrawal symptom. People may get cramps, too.
  • Every so often, people experience insomnia and fatigue, which will only make things worse. Sleep helps regulate mood, repair cells, and boost the immune system.

This shows that no matter how much kratom helps a person, people must be cautious. A person has to go through a lot to reclaim their lives.

Yes, Granite Recovery Centers is here to make things easier, thanks to our specialized staff and our evidence-based treatment programs, but that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park.

Kratom substance use disorder is a serious issue that could take over your life. When people become dependent on a substance, various issues can arise.

Some start to neglect other financial obligations because of kratom. Substance use disorder could derail your life and destroy relationships, especially if you ignore the disorder. We’ve heard many heartbreaking stories from the folks who walk through our doors or give us a call. We encourage you or your loved one to give us a call if kratom is starting to look like a major problem.

Even if you aren’t sure that it’s a problem, we think you should call us so that we can help you understand what you’re experiencing. We’ve seen substance use disorders in various forms, so we should be able to give you some clarity and offer the support you need right now.

We recognize the danger. Some stores sell drinks with kratom in them. There are health food stores that sell protein bars with the substance as well. We recognize that the normalization of this substance makes it easier for folks to underestimate what it could do to a person. Even if someone tells you to be careful with it, you won’t pay much attention to that warning.

If someone were to tell you to be careful with your coffee consumption, you’d probably laugh it off. As kratom is normalized, people will have a similar reaction. Consuming more than normal isn’t going to seem like a big deal. Why would you worry when it’s put in protein bars or delicious drinks?

Does It Get You High?

The answer is that it can get you high, which is part of what makes kratom so dangerous. The substance can make a person feel good.

It’s considered a stimulant, so it definitely could make a person feel all sorts of positive feelings when taking it, even in low dosages. It starts with making a person feel alert and alive, and it may even elevate your mood, but it could have other positive effects.

Large dosages of the substance could cause the following:

  • With enough kratom, some people experience a deep, relaxing feeling. This happens because the substance has sedative qualities.
  • Since kratom is like a sedative, people may feel very relaxed, which could be an attractive effect.
  • The pain relief some experience could increase. You can see how this could be attractive, especially if your pain is moderate or severe.
  • Some people get a break from debilitating issues like anxiety. If you find something that’ll stop your brain from feeling anxious, you’ll want to keep using it.
  • Some people might experience a sense of euphoria. The effect is going to resemble what you might get from an opioid.

It takes around five minutes to feel the effects of kratom. Some people say they have to wait up to 15 minutes to feel something. Once the effect starts, it could take two to five hours until it wears off.

So, yes, kratom can make you feel high. Substances that make you feel high are more dangerous than others because it’s hard for a person to resist a good feeling. This is the reason why biting into a decadent dessert is hard to resist. Human beings naturally crave things that make them feel good.

When you take kratom, it interacts with specific brain receptors the same way an opioid would. This changes the brain’s receptors, which is the reason you feel all those positive feelings when using kratom. Those same receptors change over time with kratom abuse. At this point, a person could develop a substance use disorder that he or she can’t beat without help.

Granite Recovery Centers can help with the withdrawal symptoms, as well as with reversing some of the changes in your brain. This is going to take some time to accomplish, but it must happen if you want to reclaim your life. We know how difficult this must be and will be, but having us in your corner can help you get through this.

While it’s hard to argue that those positive feelings aren’t attractive, there are some negative effects linked to kratom abuse. Some people may start to experience vivid hallucinations. Depending on when these happen, this could be quite debilitating and dangerous. Other people might experience delusions, and that could be unsettling. Knowing about these sorts of side effects could help people see how important it is to not abuse kratom.

If you or a loved one is dealing with substance abuse, then it’s time to give us a call. If you’re not sure if you’ve developed a substance use disorder, then you should still give us a call because we can help you figure this out. Those who find themselves constantly depending on kratom to feel better might have this disorder. Craving kratom and the feelings it offers is a sign that something might be wrong.

A substance dependency is not healthy, even if it can help with issues like anxiety. Hopefully, after people let go of kratom, they can address severe anxiety with the help of a health specialist. If your anxiety is severe, you need to get to the root cause to make some progress.

What kratom offers is hard to give up if you’re dealing with pain. You need to talk to a health care specialist to figure out how you can deal with pain without putting yourself in danger of developing a disorder. There are solutions out there that you might want to try, from massage therapy to acupuncture, just to name a few options. These solutions can help once you stop using kratom.

Our staff is waiting for your call. We can help you come to terms with your substance use disorder, or we can help your loved one come to terms with theirs. If you’re concerned about a loved one, you’ll have to set up an intervention.

You’ll want to create a plan and invite everyone affected by your loved one’s disorder. Try to choose a moment when you know your loved one isn’t high because you want him or her as alert as possible. Work on your delivery, and make sure you have someone there who can help you calm down if your emotions start to run a little high.

Of course, make sure you have the number to Granite Recovery Centers so that we can talk to your loved one and encourage him or her to come in. If you need the help, then know that our heart is with yours. We want to hold your hand and help you move forward to that version of yourself that’s free from this disorder.