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Myths About Drugs and Addiction You Should Avoid Believing

Drug abuse is one of those problems that makes everybody feel like an expert. For some reason, people with no specialized training think they understand this social issue. Often, they spread untruths making treatment more difficult. You should ignore the following myths about drugs as much as possible. If you hear anybody spreading these myths, make sure to correct them. Doing so could save lives.

Myth One: Addiction is a Character Flaw

History has been very unkind to those with addictions. In the past, it was often considered a character flaw. Even today, some people believe this to be true. Unfortunately, myths about drugs like these have alienated thousands of people from treatment.

Fact: addiction is a disease. Those with addictions are not weaker than those without one. No one is immoral for being addicted. Instead, they are ill and in need of help. Thankfully, proper rehab can help manage this issue for them.

Myth Two: People With Addictions are Easy to Spot

When you watch television or movies, you might notice they always make people with addictions look the same. Desperate, often homeless, and very unhealthy, yet there is no strict look people with addictions have.

Fact: people with addiction can look very healthy and happy. Somebody you sit next to in church might have a drug dependency, and you’d never know. Hundreds of people with addictions likely walk the streets next to you every day.

Myth Three: Only Illegal Drugs are Addictive

Prescription drug abusers often think they are not addicted. This is due to officials coming down so heavily on illegal drugs like heroin or cocaine. However, even prescription drugs can be very addicting.

Fact: Any drug has the potential for serious addiction. Even substances like marijuana, which have a minimal risk for physical dependence, can create psychological compulsions to use. Therefore, don’t ignore the abuse of “lighter” drugs.” Myths like this cannot be tolerated.

Myth Four: The Drug Causes the Addiction

Addiction is a very complex problem with many influencing factors. However, many people believe removing a drug from a person’s life will solve the problem. If only it were that easy. But, sadly, there’s much more to drug abuse.

Fact: addiction has many underlying factors. For example, a person may have a genetic predisposition to addiction making quitting difficult. They may also have psychological factors compelling abuse. Therefore, more complete and coherent care options must be provided to avoid myths about drugs like this idea.

Myth Five: People With Addictions Can Quit Whenever They Want

Those without addictions often struggle to understand why others cannot quit. After all, they can stop drinking, smoking, or using opiates whenever they want. As a result, they blame the individual with the addiction and try to claim that they can quit whenever they want.

Fact: addiction is not that simple. A person’s body changes to reward them for taking drugs. In this way, it becomes dependent on them to survive. And withdrawal symptoms may cause many side effects that can be very hard to manage without professional help.

Myth Six: Rehab is Not Effective

People often see friends and family members relapse after going to rehab therapy. As a result, they may think that this treatment option is ineffective. However, relapse is a part of the recovery process. And many rehab experts can turn a relapse into a chance of full sobriety.

Fact: rehab is still the best way to overcome addiction. At an addiction treatment center, you get specialized care focused on your abuse triggers. Then, you can learn coping mechanisms and other care options. These will give you the chance to stay sober for life.

Give Us the Chance to Help You Recover

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