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Depression and Drug Addiction: Why the Two Go Hand in Hand

Depression and Drug Addiction: Why the Two Go Hand in Hand

Mental health issues are common amongst people who struggle with drug addiction and depression, and for a good reason. When people who have a mental health issue seek treatment for substance abuse, they’re known as dual diagnosis patients. This term means that they need treatment for both their mental health issue and their substance abuse issue to begin working toward a sober lifestyle. If you have a mental health issue, such as depression or anxiety, and are interested in working toward a sober lifestyle, you must get treatment at a dual diagnosis treatment center in New Hampshire. At drug addiction and depression treatment in New Haven, caring counselors will be able to help you understand the root causes of your addiction. They’ll also be able to help you create a plan to help you avoid triggers and live a sober, healthy life.

Depression and the Brain

While researchers aren’t sure exactly how depression works in the brain, it is caused by a chemical imbalance. Feel-good chemicals, such as serotonin, aren’t as readily available in people with depression as they are in people who do not have depression. There are some antidepressant medications, called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, that can help increase the availability of serotonin in the brain. There are other ways to increase serotonin as well, including exercise, therapy, and forming close relationships.

When the brain lacks serotonin, the feelings of depression can be unbearable. It can be hard to relate to others, and may even become difficult to complete daily tasks, such as showering or going to work. For many people who struggle with depression, drugs and alcohol are a welcome respite from the depths of depression that occupy their minds. But drugs and alcohol worsen symptoms leading people to suffer from both worsened depression and drug addiction.

The Depression and Drug Addiction Cycle

People who are depressed are more likely to use drugs and alcohol than people who are not depressed. Some people who struggle with depression may use stimulants, which provide a surge of energy and can stimulate the brain. Others may choose to use depressants, such as alcohol. These numb the feelings of depression and can allow the user to dissociate from their struggles for some time.

People who are depressed may find greater emotional relief from drugs and alcohol than people who are not depressed. An emotional attachment may make them more likely to become addicted. While overcoming depression and addiction at the same time can be difficult, it is possible. If you’re struggling with depression and addiction, you must take the first step to reach out for help.

Break the Cycle with Granite Recovery Centers

If you’re ready to break the cycle of drug addiction and depression, Granite Recovery Centers is here to help. We offer several different types of drug addiction and depression treatment in New Haven, including:

You don’t have to do this alone. A qualified recovery center can help you break the habits that have led you to addiction.

Recovery from Depression and Drug Addiction

If you’re ready to take the first step toward a sober lifestyle away from depression and drug addiction, contact Granite Recovery Centers. Call us at 855.712.7784 today to talk with one of our caring counselors about what the recovery process could look like for you. When you’re stuck in the throes of addiction, it can seem like there’s no way out, but that’s a lie. Recovery is possible. When you pick up the phone, you’re taking the first step toward a better life.