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What is Holistic Therapy?

Many therapies exist to help combat the effects of drug addiction. From cognitive-behavioral therapies to experiential therapies to holistic therapies, there is a place for each one on the healing journey. Whether you are struggling with a drug addiction or alcohol addiction, therapy is a key component of your healing. You may have heard of different therapy names but be wondering —what is holistic therapy in Manchester? At addiction therapy services in New Hampshire, you will have the opportunity to participate in holistic therapy and learn about its many benefits.

What is Holistic Therapy? 

Our Manchester Holistic Therapy program is experiential and focused on lasting recovery. So, just what is holistic therapy anyway? It is defined as a form of medicine and treatment that recognizes the whole person as opposed to just one part or one symptom. It integrates the entire person’s health when developing treatment plans. In other words, holistic therapy will address the physical symptoms of withdrawal as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual effects.

In addition to addressing the entire person, holistic therapy also combines traditional methods of medicine with experiential modes of therapy. Therefore, the person receives an integrated form of therapy to meet all the needs of the person.

The theory behind holistic therapy is the belief that people are interdependent, which means they are made up of separate parts that work together. However, when one part of the person is suffering, you can’t just address the one part. The reason is that all the parts work together; when one part isn’t working properly, the other parts won’t work right either. Therefore, through targeting the entire person, holistic therapy provides more complete healing.

How Does Holistic Therapy Work? 

Your therapy team will look at your problem from different angles, taking into consideration the body, mind, and emotions. If you are dealing with drug addiction, you will receive therapies, such as:

Your medical team will put you on track with a well-rounded regimen of therapies designed to meet your specific addiction situation. By meeting the body’s needs while simultaneously dealing with mental health and emotional needs, you will gain strength and healing.

Introducing Granite Recovery 

Like a breath of fresh air, Granite Recovery revitalizes the mind and body during its dynamic rehab treatments. Whether you participate in a full detox program or want the 24/7 care of residential care or are looking for an intensive outpatient program, we have a broad range of treatment and therapy options from which to choose. We specialize in a wide variety of substance abuse issues and offer programs for these, such as:

Our compassionate team of clinicians is prepared to walk the extra mile with you to ensure you make the journey successfully. Our top care facilities are equipped to treat your specific needs using holistic therapy as well as other types of therapies.

Don’t wait until life has passed you by to seek help. Now that you know what is holistic therapy, you can overcome your problems by reaching out to a quality rehab. Contact us at 855.712.7784 , and we’ll help you on your road to healing.

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