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What are Alcoholism Triggers?

Alcoholism presents a wide range of symptoms that can vary in severity. Recovery is a continuous process that requires consistent commitment and upkeep. It can be a challenging task that demands significant effort, but it is possible with the right mindset and support. Learning to understand and identify alcoholism triggers is essential to achieving long-term sobriety. Recognizing and coping with alcoholism triggers can help you avoid relapse and maintain your sobriety.

Effects of Alcohol 

Alcohol influences the lives of millions of people in the United States. It is one of the country’s highest causes of preventable deaths. Alcohol is responsible for causing over 140,000 deaths each year.

People begin drinking for various reasons, including trauma, environment, addiction, and dependency. Once you have completed your rehab program, seeking the appropriate addiction treatment therapy services is essential to create a personalized plan for a lasting recovery.

What are Alcoholism Triggers?

Alcoholism triggers refer to anything that sets you off to drinking again after you’ve quit. It’s essential to identify these so you can successfully stay sober.

Although you may have some unique alcoholism triggers, there are more similar ones to which most people can relate.

Reconnecting with Unhealthy People

Your friends can have a lot of influence over your success or lack thereof. For example, if your friends have you over for a party and serve alcohol, it will be difficult. You may be triggered to drink. In addition, if you always drink with a particular friend on a specific night, going out to the same places will likely trigger you to drink too. To prevent relapsing, many people seek treatment in a New England inpatient rehab center to distance themselves from the environment of addiction.

Emotional Problems or Stressful situations

People will always face times of emotional problems and stressful situations. Whether it’s a lost job, a divorce, or some other unsettling situation, people sometimes struggle to deal with these problems. When challenging issues arise, some people resort to self-medicating with alcohol. Therefore, any emotional stress can be an alcoholism trigger.

Granite Recovery Centers

At Granite Recovery Centers, we do things differently. Granite Recovery Centers addiction treatment programs feature a full continuum of care with a unique blend of evidence-based clinical therapies and a comprehensive 12-Step curriculum. Our success is evidenced by our active, growing alumni community, each of whom will tell you that what we do, along with the skills we provide, saved their lives and continues to do so.

Each of our facilities is equipped to treat various needs, including alcoholism. Whether you need a complete detox program and residential care or need a robust aftercare program, we have a broad range of treatment options from which to choose. Some of our treatment programs include:

Don’t let alcohol addiction take over your life and destroy your happiness. You can overcome the problems of alcoholism by learning the alcoholism triggers and reaching out to a quality rehab. Granite Recovery Centers provides medical detoxification for people who do not need immediate medical intervention, are not a danger to themselves, and are capable of self-evacuation in an emergency. Contact us at 855.712.7784 , and we’ll help you on your road to healing.