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close up Paige shares recovery story
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Stories of Recovery: Paige’s Story

Drug addiction doesn’t always look like you might think it would. Every day, people with good jobs, from safe neighborhoods, and happy childhoods are falling

Ashley sharing what you should know about medical drug detox
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Medical Drug Detox: What You Should Know

Drug detox: undoubtedly, the biggest fear of addicts thinking about getting clean. We’ve all seen detox depicted on tv; we’ve heard how crippling detoxing from

close up wooden heart held by three people
drug intervention
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How to Stage an Intervention

What Is an Intervention? An intervention is a process by which loved ones of an addict express their concerns regarding a substance use problem and

person with sunglasses reflecting a busy swimming pool
drug addiction
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Common Myths of Addiction

Addiction is a complicated disease that is frequently misunderstood. These misunderstandings can easily lead to beliefs and behaviors that make it harder for family, friends,

PJ's mom shares addiction recovery story
story of addiction recovery
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Stories of Addiction Recovery: PJ’s Mom

In the narrative of drug addiction and recovery, the focus is most often on the addict–what they go through, learn, and abate as they climb

pills represent the designer drug trends in 2018
designer drugs
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Designer Drug Trends in 2018

New Years is almost upon us, which means saying goodbye to 2018. It means taking stock of the year. It means learning from the past

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The Present, the Gift is Being Sober

Today, on this Christmas Eve, we join Kristin Gates, House Manager of Vision House West, to talk about what it’s like to be in extended

Rob shares addiction recovery story
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Stories of Addiction Recovery: Rob’s Story

Rob, an alcoholic in recovery, shares his eye-opening experience of realizing – for the first time – the severity of his disease. Here is Rob’s