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Medical Drug Detox: What You Should Know

Drug detox: undoubtedly, the biggest fear of addicts thinking about getting clean. We’ve all seen detox depicted on tv; we’ve heard how crippling detoxing from heroin, painkillers, and even alcohol can be. But, in reality, how bad is it? What’s the difference between doing it at home or at a medically-supervised facility? Here, we sit down with Ashley Fothergill, Detox Specialist at Green Mountain Treatment Centers, to get answers to these common drug detox questions. Here, we disable some of the misconceptions and verify the truths of the detox process.

Green Mountain Treatment Center has its own medical detox facility, where clients come to detox from substances under the care of caring medical supervision. Addiction professionals such as Ashley are on hand to ensure the process of detoxing is as comfortable as possible. Of course, detox will never be an enjoyable process, but it can certainly be less harsh than what we see on tv.

Here’s Ashley’s insight:

Detox Doesn’t Have to be Terrible

An expectation of detox is that it’s going to be completely terrible. Detoxing is not fun. There’s no fun way to detox. There’s no easy way to detox. It’s gonna suck, it’s not gonna be easy. But, in a place like this we make sure that it’s better. We medically help you with your needs. We take care of you. We make sure you’re well-nourished. You’re not without support. You’re not 120% uncomfortable. You’re getting helped.

And Then…You’re Going to Feel OK

Coming off of anything is basically going to feel the same. Once you’re clean, you’re going to have a clear conscience for the first time in forever. You’re gonna feel okay. For the first time, in a long time, you’re going to feel ok. And then, with time, you’re going to slowly get your personality and yourself back. It’s just amazing the growth in people – once they become clean off everything; being able to witness that is amazing.

Anyone, Everyone Can Get Well

Anyone can get well, even from rock-bottom, because I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it happen here Everyday, I see it. People that come in and they’re just so broken and they’ve lost everything. They stick with it and they go through the program and they continue to aftercare. And they make it. It just proves that anyone in this world can do it.

And Then the World Just Opens Up…

Being clean, being clear, and feeling well are all wonderful; but then, you start to see that you have a potential you never thought you had. You are possible. The gifts of sobriety and being in recovery are, honestly, endless. And I think that’s what a lot of people need to hear, because you’re hopeless when you come in. You’re hopeless. You’re broken. You don’t really think there’s much out there in the world for you, but there definitely is. When you’re well, recovered, and sober–the world just seems to open up to you with endless beautiful possibilities.

To start the process of getting well, call our admissions specialists at 855.712.7784 . You are possible. You can be well again. We can help.

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